Beware, Eating Devices Are Vulnerable to Exposure to Bacteria and Viruses

Jakarta, – Virus pandemic corona or Covid-19 which occurred in various parts of the world, including in Indonesia, has changed the view of the community in seeing aspects of cleanliness as an effort to fortify themselves from the threat of a highly contagious virus. Also Read: The Importance of Allergy Detection in Children Early […]

Motor Valley Fest Digital 2020 – Specials

Moved on the web for the safety measures imposed for the health emergency, the Motor Valley Fest has restarted the engines and raised the curtain – from 14 to 17 May – on the world showcase for the brands of two and four wheels. ‘Ripartiamo’ is the message of the video teaser published on the […]

In times of Corona: Five declarations of love for Italy

Wonderfully unspectacular: Salento NUsually it is unwise to sound out an insider tip at this point, because if everyone knows about the charms of Salento, the secret will be revealed. But times are not normal, and the southern tip of the Italian hoe – that is exactly the Salento – is large enough that a […]

Coronavirus Italy blocking. What does quarantine mean for tourists?

When Italy was officially banned due to the outbreak of the corona virus, tourists wondered whether they should leave or how they could leave the country at all. Australians are now being instructed by the government not to travel to multiple regions and to rethink their need to travel across the country. The Smartraveller website […]

Mirella Freni, Mimi dies – Culture / Next

Mirella Freni, an essential Italian soprano with a fifty-year career and a broad palette, died Sunday in Modena, following a long illness. Nicknamed the Prudentissima (the very careful), it built its success as one conquers virgin territory, step by step and by consolidating its bases. “To use the language of boxing, I am a middleweight, […]

On Mirella Freni’s death: The sweetest opera girl

Mhad been surprised. Unfortunately, and this was the most painful of some flaws in the documentary about the tenorissimo Luciano Pavarotti that came to our cinemas at Christmas, the grandiose Mirella Freni did not appear in it except in old clips as a partner and friend; According to reports, her state of health no longer […]

Don Alphonso: When Matteo Salvini rings three times

What dangerous people! But not yet, not yet, my son, only the right bank of the Po, is a dialogue between Don Camillo and a priest who is to be sent to the village on the edge of the great river, in the film “Venerable Don Camillo”. At that time, the right bank of the […]