Harold Lloyd’s modernity

Harold Lloyd never wanted his films to be aired on television to prevent publicity from breaking them up. Only at the end of the 70s did they reach the small screen before the amazement of an audience that rediscovered a genius of the silent cinema that the kids of today contemplate fascinated. And is that […]

Richard Mervyn Hare, ethics at heart

Said law or guillotine de Hume does not cut heads: only undue conclusions or inferences. Those who move from “what is” to “what must be”, from what describes a fact (Paul is a doctor) in what is an imperative or a prescription (Anna must close the window). This “cut” is not so simple. May Paul […]

“The Goncourt brothers have exerted an influence that is too often overlooked”

Journalists, novelists, historians, art lovers, the Goncourt family are nevertheless often considered the authors of the only Newspaper and the founders of the academy that bears their name. Jean-Louis Cabanès and Pierre-Jean Dufief, editors of the Newspaper, complete works and correspondence (Garnier and Champion) have come together to restore this double life, caught in the […]

Aid to Africa: what the Chinese masks hide

It is raining masks on the African continent. Six million donated by the Jack Ma foundation, the boss-billionaire of the Alibaba e-commerce platform, one million by the Huajian group, a global shoe manufacturing giant, another million from Huawei, the telecommunications mega-group … All Chinese companies. Upon arrival on African soil, in Addis Ababa, Algiers or […]