Bad news from Disney: A new series of delayed blockbusters

It is clear that the harvest in cinema this year is weak, but it seems that even what has sprouted and is ready will not reach us soon. Or at least not for Disney productions, which are delaying the release of all their blockbusters – including “The Black Widow” from the Marvel universe, Spielberg’s “West […]

How ‘Cuties’ Got Caught in a Gamergate-Style Internet Clash

Even before Netflix released the French film Cuties in the United States, review sites were brimming with emotional audience judgements. The movie, which centers on a panicked Parisian preteen named Amy (Fathia Youssouf) as she joins a rebellious clique and navigates her family life, currently holds an 11 percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. “Absolutely […]

Ferrari Rental: How Much Does It Cost?

1. Rent a Ferrari 488 GTB 2. Ferrari Dolcar rental: check the offer The company founded in 1938 by Enzo Ferrari still creates cars that are synonymous with beauty, luxury and class. The Italian Maranello has released cars that make men and women heart beat faster. Of course, not everyone can afford such a luxury. […]

UOKiK agreed to buy Interia by Polsat, finalizing the transaction in July

Cyfrowy Polsat in a press release said that the consent of the President of UOKiK for the purchase of Interia Group on TV Polsat was received on Thursday. As part of the transaction, Polsat will acquire the companies Group, Mobiem Polska (a mobile marketing agency acquired a few years ago by Interia), GIGO and […]

Helios cinema returns to playing

No more longing for a cinematic atmosphere, watching movies on the big screen and the taste of crispy popcorn – Helios opens on Friday. After the movie theaters, which started some time ago, the first multiplexes came. From Friday, July 3, Helios cinema network opens to viewers. The repertoire includes both interesting premiere proposals […]

Olivia de Havilland, last star of old Hollywood, turns 104

There are few veterans of Hollywood’s Golden Age who are still around, much less still making headlines. But Olivia de Havilland, who turns 104 Wednesday, was always a rule-breaker. She’s part of the current furor over “Gone With the Wind,” since she is the only surviving star of the 1939 epic. In 2017, she also […]