Win now – Experience Winnetou’s stories with the “crown”.

Everyone knows Karl May’s stories about Winnetou and Old Shatterhand and many grew up with the adventures of the unlikely duo. Children and adults were also able to enjoy the performances on many open-air stages. In keeping with this, we are giving away interesting and exciting reading material for fans of the series. Karl May’s […]

Esport 1 – All esports in 1 place!

Only Elon Musk can do that. What comes to mind when you hear the name Elon Musk? Probably a lot of things, taking into account the recent period, perhaps the acquisition and changes of Twitter, but of course there could be countless other things. It may also happen that you just wave and don’t deal […]

Esport 1 – All esports in 1 place!

The number of “straw hat pirates” keeps growing. Netflix sometimes has a good sense of what they should make a series out of, and then they use the raw material well – except in the case of Vaják, they managed to disgrace it, to name just one. Regarding One Piece, however, everything seems to be […]

Taiwanese school students gain a lot from watching movies, reading books and songs to learn their mother tongue

(Reporter Lin Lianhua/Report from Los Angeles) The Taiwan School of Greater Los Angeles held the “2023 Taiwanese Language Study and Movie Appreciation” at the Taiwan Association of Greater Los Angeles on August 26 (Saturday). Taiwanese language teacher He Sumei taught “Learning Taiwanese Reading Book” Song”, And Professor Li Qingmu gave a lecture on “Taiwanese American […]

Blood, beheadings and sex: The uncensored trailer for ‘Los Mercen4rios’

The times of peace that we were enjoying are coming to an end, since at the end of September a major war is going to break out and apparently, it is going to be more brutal than ever. With the ‘small’ difference that we will enjoy watching this conflict. ‘Los Mercen4rios’ have released a new […]

Download and Play the Full Version of MOD: Celtic Kings, Rage of War III

MOD: “CELTIC KINGS, RAGE OF WAR III” It is an adaptation of “Imperivm III, GBR V.1.40” for the nostalgics of the saga. Aqui holds a celtic vision of the Roman Empire, whence the heart was fuerte por los viejos dioses y sus misterios. The adventures will be chosen from the many contributions of the members […]

Kevin Spacey is returning to the movies

‘Control’, Kevin Spacey’s much-anticipated film, which marks his return to the big screen after being acquitted of sexual assault in the UK, is set for a Christmas release. According to Variety, the film, in which Kevin Spacey does not make a physical appearance but lends his signature voice to a major role, is scheduled to […]