Corona and the music industry: “It is practically prohibited to work”

C.orona loosening? For the music industry in Germany they are a long way off. Concerts and festivals are allowed again from September 1, 2020 at the earliest. However, according to expert assessments, major events can only realistically take place again if there is a vaccine against the novel corona virus. How does a ban on […]

Death of Millie Small, singer of the eternal “My Boy Lollipop”

From how many hits are we allowed to say that we have changed the history of music? Millie Small, who remained in the hearts of most Britons as “Millie”, who died Tuesday at the age of 73, had only one to his credit: My Boy Lollipop, released in 1964, number 3 in the UK in […]

Taylor Swift disowns new live album, calling it ‘shameless greed’ | Music

Taylor Swift has disowned a new live album released under her name, calling it tasteless and “shameless greed” amid the coronavirus outbreak. The album, Live from Clear Channel Stripped 2008, was recorded when Swift was 18, around the release of her Grammy-winning second album, Fearless. The live album has been released by Big Machine, Swift’s […]

Fiona Apple, the DIY arena

Sure Fetch the Bolt Cutters (“Bring back the bolt cutters”), composed in the interior of her house, Fiona Apple borrows little from outside. But this title quote came from elsewhere and opens all doors. This is a sentence from an episode of the police series The fall, pronounced by the investigator played by Gillian Anderson […]

John Legend, Chris Martin and Pink offer free concerts

Some of the biggest names in music have joined forces to offer free entertainment to their millions of fans around the world who are stuck at home and practicing social distancing in the coronavirus crisis. RELATED: Follow the Latest Corona Virus Updates Coldplay frontman Chris Martin went on Twitter on Tuesday and announced that he […]

Rebecca Black reveals the effects of Friday’s viral hit

Singer Rebecca Black made headlines last month – almost a decade after Friday’s notorious virus hit – when she told what had happened after she became a mockery of the internet at just 13. Filled with bizarre texts like “I have to have my bowl, I have to have muesli” and paired with a spectacular […]

Billie Eilish takes off her shirt to protest body embarrassment

Unlike most of her pop star counterparts, Billie Eilish is known for covering herself with oversized t-shirts and baggy jeans. For this reason, fans were amazed to see how the normally humble five-time Grammy winner, 18, took off her shirt during a concert in Miami on Monday evening (local time). According to the New York […]

Frank Briegmann: “The streaming business is exploding”

Dusseldorf Those who are said to be dead live longer: the music industry has survived digital disruption like no other branch. And even more: The Federal Association of the Music Industry (BVMI) is currently reporting an increase in sales of 8.2 percent for the past year to more than 1.6 billion euros. “We have stable […]

Streaming and vinyl bring color back to the record market

It’s probably a first. During the presentation on Tuesday morning of the music market results for the past year, not once was the word piracy spoken! Growing for the fourth consecutive year, the sector which has regained color has visibly moved on to something else. With progression “Sustained” of the recorded music turnover to 5.4% […]

Investors will soon be able to invest in Taylor Swift

San Francisco When an industry is digitized, it often means for the traditional companies in the industry: falling margins, new, more agile competitors and a rapidly collapsing company value. The music industry was one of the first industries to experience this disruption in the early 2000s. But now big music labels, i.e. providers of well-known […]