China puts under lockdown the city where iPhones are manufactured

Lockdown is justified by the increase in new cases of covid in Zhengzhou, but it will also allow better control of protests by workers at Foxconn, the world’s largest supplier to Apple Chinese authorities have decreed five days of lockdown in almost the entire city of Zhengzhou, where there have been clashes between police and […]

One dead when a vehicle crashes into an Apple store on the outskirts of Boston

“A dark colored sport utility vehicle sped at an undetermined speed into the glass façade injuring numerous people,” Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz said at a news conference hours after the incident. “The investigation is open and ongoing,” he added, describing what happened in the town of Hingham, in the state of Massachusetts, as […]

Car crashes into Apple store, killing 1, injuring 16

A car crashed into the window of an Apple store on the outskirts of Boston on Monday, November 21, killing at least one person and injuring 16, authorities said. «A dark-colored SUV rushed at an undetermined speed on the window and injured many peoplePlymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz said at a press conference hours […]

one dead and 16 injured

It happened outside of Boston, on the east coast. They investigate if it was an intentional maneuver. The deceased worked in a construction site of the business. What did the firm say? The fatal maneuver occurred this Monday in Boston, in the state of Massachusetts, United States. A car collided and literally crashed into an […]

Want to buy an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus? Come on, see the 6 advantages first, Jakarta – Erajaya Group as one of the official iPhone distributors in Indonesia–through iBox–has recently launched the iPhone 14 series. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are two of the four models offered. So, before you intend to buy it, it’s a good idea to find out what advantages or features are on the […]

List of Apple Products to Discontinue in 2022

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Lots of launches product new every year Apple also ‘kill’ a number of products slowly. Anything? Apple itself has a variety of products, ranging from iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, iPods to accessories such as Airpods and Apple Watch. Each product also has several models or variants that can be selected according to user […]

Index – Tech – We have bad news if you bought an iPhone for Christmas

This year, Apple could not remain without a permanent headache either, since despite the astronomical prices, the demand for the new iPhones is huge, but due to the lack of stock, the waiting period from the day of release is several weeks. As previously reported by Index, in recent months it has not been easy […]

Apple: know this little encouraging detail of the next iPhone 15

Apple usually receives claims for failures in the iPhone. And in this sense, most of the leaks have confirmed that there will be more criticism. During this year, controversy and criticism have been based on the screen in the iPhone 14, a 1,009-euro smartphone that has a refresh rate of 60 Hz and not 120 […]