Apple, Microsoft Collaboration To Support Xbox Series X For iPhone

NORTH TIMES – Microsoft and Apple are currently reportedly working on a new Xbox Series X and S Series controllers that will work on iPhone and iPad. Then, the new controller is not officially supported for use on iOS or iPadOS, but Apple said “Microsoft and Apple are working together to bring Xbox Series X […]

Apple and Microsoft: X Series control may be compatible with IPhone and IPad

The two most powerful companies in the international technology market, Apple and Microsoft, are working together to make the new leaders of the Xbox Series X and Series S work on iPhones and iPads. With this they hope to bring a couple of games to Apple platforms, with the next arrival of the web download […]

It takes a bit of madness

DPerhaps the most surprising thing about Oprah Winfrey’s interview with former US President Barack Obama on his new book, A Promised Land, a two-volume autobiography, is the feeling of traveling back in time into a thoroughly old-fashioned political landscape. In it, a man full of confidence, but also full of self-doubt, leads the United States, […]

iPhone | how to disable Siri button | Apple | Cell phones | Smartphone | Applications | Apps | Trick | Tutorial | Viral | United States | USA | Spain | Mexico | Colombia | Peru | NNDA | NNNI | SPORTS-PLAY

Updated 11/18/2020 at 10:39 PM Is it annoying to press a button and call Siri unnecessarily? Apple launched its new Macs with new processors in recent days, while some users around the world are already receiving, at their doorstep, what would be the new iPhone 12 Pro Max o el iPhone 12 Mini, depending on […]

Apple Starts Inserting Ads on iPhone and iPad? – This year, Apple looks aggressive in terms of advertising on its devices. IOS and iPadOS users are said to often encounter advertisements via their devices. This feature was previously common on Android phones made in China, such as Xiaomi and Realme. In fact, Samsung has also begun to adopt this feature, even though […]

Rp. 93 Billion Apple Products Stolen from Trucks

Jakarta – The truck containing Apple products worth £ 5 million (Rp. 93 billion) was hijacked and taken away by thieves. The theft took place on the M1 motorway in England, a major route connecting London and Leeds. Quoted detikINET from The Guardian, Thursday (11/19/2020) Northamptonshire police spokesman said the thieves managed to escape 48 […]

Follow Xiaomi and Samsung, Apple Also Starts Advertising on HP

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Apple follow the trail Xiaomi and Samsung to increase profits, as reported iOS and iPadOS devices started showing ads. Unlike Xiaomi and Samsung, Apple does not display advertisements related to other party products. The company is known to display advertisements related to its products. The first person to write about ads […]

‘Apple Silicon’ MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro What to buy?

With the same M1 processor, the difference in basic performance is not significant Apple M1 processor [사진: 애플] [디지털투데이 추현우 기자] Since Apple released three new Macs equipped with’M1 processor’, an ARM-based proprietary chipset called’Apple Silicon’ on the 10th (hereinafter, local time), users’ interest in these products has been ceaseless. In particular, there is high […]