The US stock market was dominated by technology sales last week

Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft or Meta Platforms. Usual US stock market drivers have launched a steep sell-off in recent days. He was extremely painful even for the world’s richest people, whose wealth was thus significantly reduced. Tesla boss Elon Musk lost more than $ 25 billion, about 540 billion crowns, due to a drop in […]

(Rumors) iPhone SE 3 Will Be Ready to Launch in April 2022

In the last decade, Apple has grown to become one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the world. Many iPhone smartphones with various types that have been born by Apple. Not wanting to stop innovating, Apple is rumored to be releasing a new iPhone series. The new iPhone series that is reportedly going to be […]

Apple overtakes Samsung thanks to iPhone 13, Xiaomi ranks third – Apple managed to regain its throne and become the number one mobile phone brand in the world. Apple managed to shift the position of Samsung which occupies the top position in the third quarter of 2021. At least that’s according to the shipping report (shipment) smartphone the fourth quarter of 2021 released by […]

The AirPods Max headphones at €459 instead of €629 (-27%)

This is the biggest discount ever on Apple’s headphones from an official retailer: at €459, the AirPods Max are displayed at -27% today at Amazon. The normal price is €629 on the Apple Store. Only the green color is affected by this offer. A price of 529.98 € is proposed for the blue model, but […]

iPhone SE 3, iPad Air 5 appear in Eurasian database ahead of time

It is rumored that Apple will release the new iPhone SE that supports 5G networks and the fifth generation of iPad Air at the spring conference held in March and April. Although it is two or three months away from the conference, Apple seems to be ready. , and even registered the above-mentioned products in […]

More Expensive than Apple Original Belkin MagSafe Additional Useful Features

The price of Apple’s original accessories is often slightly higher than that of third-party brands in the market, but the Belkin Portable Wireless Charger Pad with MagSafe released yesterday is 20 US dollars more expensive than the original Apple (equivalent to HK$156). Why did Belkin make it? Priced like this? In addition to using Apple’s […]

Ericsson sues Apple over iPhone 5G wireless patent royalty

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Swedish technology company Ericsson has filed a series of patent infringement lawsuits against Apple over royalty payments for the use of its 5G wireless patents on iPhones. Quoted from Reuters, Wednesday, January 19, 2022, the two companies have sued each other in the United States because negotiations failed over the renewal of […]

iPhone SE+ 5G latest news Damang version iPhone SE release date out

Just as many consumers are looking forward to the launch of the third generation of the iPhone SE to support 5G this year, the screen shows that supply chain consultant analyst Ross Young broke two new news related to the iPhone SE on Twitter. First of all, the new machine expected to be unveiled at […]

Apple Turns Off Call Noise Cancellation on iPhone 13 – Wylsacom

It looks like Apple has dropped call noise cancellation on the iPhone 13. This was reported by the authors of 9to5Mac, they have received confirmation from Apple support. What’s the function? This is how this feature is described on iPhones, where it is available: The noise canceling function reduces the level of external noise when […]

Meizu launches iPhone cases – Wylsacom

Meizu unexpectedly released another novelty. And the surprise is not only in the fact that the brand’s products have not been released for a long time, but also in the products themselves. It is strange to see iPhone cases in the Meizu assortment: There are other covers: They look stylish and colorful. Very cool. And […]