Donating unites us – Spanish Hospital of La Plata

To speak of Donation and Transplantation is to consider the health and well-being of another. It is to raise awareness and promote values ​​such as: solidarity, care and empathy. For this reason, every May 30, in our country, the National Day of organ and tissue donation, established by the INCUCAI, is commemorated. This date is […]

Exercise program slows deterioration of kidney function in…

/, San Francisco – A structured and partially supervised exercise intervention can slow the deterioration of mobility-impaired seniors who spend a lot of time sitting. This is shown by the JAMA Internal Medicine published results of a new analysis of the randomized controlled LIFE study (2022: DOI: 10.1001/jamainternmed.2022.1449). Observational studies have already yielded initial […]

Hospital services

Department / Unit: Oncology day hospital Secretariat Telephone: Phone: 03-88-06-36-52 Fax : 03-88-06-36-53 Team : Head of pole and department: Dr Bernard WILLEMIN Medical staff : Dr Yves ARONDELDr Annélie BROCCHI-JUNGDr France CAMPOS-GAZEAUDr. Kevin DAKANDr. Veronica PRELIPCEANDr. Bascha SZALDr Julie VESSAUD Senior Health Officer: Mme Catherine SCHANN Health Framework : Mme Amanda GERWIG Other stakeholders: […]