US President back in the home office after a positive corona test

Washington (AP) – Just a few days after the end of his corona isolation, US President Joe Biden had to isolate himself again because of a positive corona test. An antigen test was positive, his doctor Kevin O’Connor said in a letter released by the White House. According to the information, Biden had previously tested […]

Here’s why the US stopped using it years ago

An unvaccinated Rockland County, N.Y., resident exposed to an individual who received an oral poliovirus vaccine contracted the neurological disease and is now paralyzed, according to Rockland County and New York State Health Officials on Thursday, as Fox News Digital reported earlier. The case raises the issue of polio vaccinations — and what Americans should know to protect […]

Díaz-Canel calls on Cubans to avoid mosquito bites

While three Cuban families mourn the death of two girls and of a pregnant woman with hemorrhagic denguethe ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel can think of nothing else but to tell the population to avoid mosquito bites. On Tuesday, the working group for the prevention of COVID had to dedicate a large part of its weekly meeting […]

The invisible suffering of women with vulvodynia (Video)

Vulvodynia is a neuropathic syndrome that affects the nerves of the vulva. One in seven women suffer from it, but it is still poorly understood and it takes patients years to get a correct diagnosis. In Europe, one in two gynecologists is unable to recognize it. In October 2021 there were demonstrations throughout Italy for […]

Breast cancer and life expectancy with this new way to treat patients

Written in TRENDS the 20/7/2022 · 18:16 hs It is well known that the breast cancer it is a disease that has affected millions of women worldwidebecause it is about one of the most common types of cancerand about one in 12 suffer from it, but one more “life expectancy” seems to have come to […]

Distance Learning – How does it work?

The Education Guide and the FernUniversität in Hagen invite all interested parties to an open study consultation without registering in the Education Guide on Saturday, July 23. from 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. It doesn’t matter whether it’s alongside work, directly after graduation or parallel to raising children – distance learning suits many life situations. […]

The health and wellness benefits of tending to a home garden

Having a garden at home is an idea that, for those who are very used to life in the city, may sound too remote or unlikely. However, it is not so uncommon not so hard to get. It is enough to have a small garden, a rented piece of land, a terrace or a balcony. […]

Precision medicine, genetic advance in the cure of diseases

2022-07-06 Alicia Rivera / Connections365 With the discovery of the human genome in 2001, precision medicine emerged as an advance in the cure of pernicious diseases such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and heart disease, among others. Precision medicine analyzes information from genes, proteins and other characteristics of a person’s pathology in […]