Suzuki last year’s financial results record high sales and final profit | NHK

Last year’s financial results announced by “Suzuki” on the 15th▽ Sales increased by 30.1% from the previous year to 4,641.6 billion yen▽ Final profit increased by 37.9% to 221.1 billion yen. Both sales and net profit are record highs, and this is the first time that sales have exceeded 4 trillion yen. This is due […]

“Men’s Concept Cafe” Arrested for serving girls at midnight | NHK

Ryota Oishi (25), the manager of the restaurant “META” in Kabukicho, Tokyo, and Reiya Sakaguchi (25), an employee, were arrested. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, twice this year, in January and February, a girl who was a first-year high school student at the time was allowed to enter the store after 10:00 pm, knowing […]

Kirayaka Bank to apply for public funds in September | NHK Yamagata news

Kirayaka Bank, which has its head office in Yamagata City, has announced that it will apply for public funds based on the Act on Strengthening Financial Functions by September this year.At this stage, it is expected to be around 16 billion yen to 18 billion yen, and it is expected to be the first application […]

PAC 3 Deployment to Sakishima Advances on 28th | NHK Okinawa Prefecture News

In preparation for the situation in which North Korea launches what it calls a military reconnaissance satellite and part of it falls into Okinawa Prefecture, the Self-Defense Forces are proceeding with the transportation of vehicles of interceptor missiles “PAC3” to Sakishima on the 28th. Of these, from the Air Self-Defense Force Naha base, a C2 […]

Unified local election second half Shinto village mayor election Newcomer Chiharu Minami wins first election | NHK Gunma prefecture news

Shinto village mayor election was held on the 23rd, and newcomer Chiharu Minami (42) was elected for the first time. Here are the results of the Shinto village mayor election.Chiharu Minami, independent, new, elected, 4084 votes.Histoshi Koyama, independent, new, 1841 votes.Yumiko Nakajima, independent, new, 1336 votes.Mr. Minami was elected for the first time in the […]