How to Clean a Mask Properly, Observe the Type and Cannot Be Arbitrary

Cloth mask illustration. © https: // – The use of masks in the midst of the Covid-19 case has become an obligation. This is because masks are claimed to be able to be a barrier to catching respiratory droplets or droplets that are released when people cough, sneeze, or talk. These droplets are what […]

Cyber ​​attack paralyzes New Zealand stock exchange

(Agence Ecofin) – The New Zealand market has been facing a large-scale computer attack for several days which has forced it to shut down its activities. « We are currently experiencing connectivity issues that appear to be similar to those caused by serious DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks that occurred last week from overseas. […]

Coronary Heart Disease, Know the Causes, Symptoms and How to Prevent it

The 5 most common types of heart disease. © 2020 – The heart is one of the internal organs that has an important role for the body. This one organ functions to pump blood and drain it throughout the limbs. In this case, the heart acts as a means of transportation that carries […]

Ministry of Health: Beware of Dengue during the Covid-19 Pandemic Period

illustration of dengue fever. © 2016 – Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) has become a routine illness that occurs every year. Usually after the rainy season ends. When the virus was spread through the mosquito Aides began to attack. DHF certainly cannot be underestimated. Especially in the middle of a Covid pandemic like this. […]

7 Diabetes complications, can cause nerve disorders and eye damage

Illustrations of diabetes. © Shutterstock / Ivelin Radkov – Diabetes is a type of disease that is quite a lot suffered by people throughout the world. In a person with diabetes mellitus, the level of sugar in the body is very high. This then makes the body unable to produce insulin or even does […]