The column of Mariano Ruiz Díez. Nadal and an irrefutable truth

sports It may sound simplistic that Rafa is three wins away from the 21st Grand Slam, but… When you were trying to organize your Christmas with permission from Ómicron, remember the doubts about attending the company dinner/party or how you were going to cope with family reunions, Nadal was not clear about his future. The […]

The reasons for the deportation of Djokovic were known

The magistrates shared a statement explaining the reasons that motivated them to support the decision to deport the Serb. Less than a week after the plenary session of the Federal Court of Australia decided, unanimously, support the deportation of Novak Djokovic, this Friday, the same judges that made that determination published a statement in which […]

break his own Guinness record

The Guinness Book of Records of 2022 has a representation of Spanish feats and talents such as Rafael Nadal (20 Grand Slam singles wins), Sandra Sanchez (most medals in the Karate Premier League) or the athlete who has kept a bicycle on his chin the longest. The largest nativity scene in the world (54 meters […]

Novak Djokovic wants to sue the Australian government for millions

The Australia drama surrounding Novak Djokovic (34) is not coming to an end for the time being. Apparently, the Serb plans to take legal action against the government. Novak Djokovic had to leave Australia. – keystone Ad the essentials in brief Novak Djokovic was deported from Australia because of false documents. The 34-year-old Serb faces […]

Federal court justifies expulsion of Novak Djokovic

For weeks, the entry debate about Novak Djokovic to Australia kept tennis fans in suspense. Then it was clear: He had to leave the country. Now there was the official reason why Djokovic was not allowed to play. Four days after Novak Djokovic’s appeal against the annulment of his visa was rejected, the Federal Supreme […]

Novak Djokovic Case Is a Mock for Our Government

PEOPLE’S MIND – The Australian Open Grand Slam starts on Monday 17 January 2022. Some of the world’s top players took part in the first of the four series of world championships. However, there is no Novak Djokovic name in the list of seeded men’s singles tennis player. The world number one has become a […]

Novak Djokovic buys 80% of a company that develops a treatment against Covid-19

First modification: 20/01/2022 – 02:55 The number one in world tennis acquired the majority stake in the Danish biotechnology firm QuantBioRes, which is developing a treatment against Covid-19. The news comes amid the debate that caused his recent deportation from Australian territory for not being vaccinated against the disease. Novad Djokovic is the majority owner […]