Aida Gonzlez Rossi, the filthy beauty

ADRIANA BERTORELLI Updated Thursday, March 30, 2023 – 13:32 In this uncomfortable and wild novel Aida González Rossi explores an innocent suffering that still cannot be properly expressed. The writer Aida Gonzlez Rossi.Sofa Crespo From the first sequence of Condensed milk, Aida González Rossi (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 1995) builds without sweeteners on the disconcerting […]

‘Sanditon’ will say goodbye on April 11

the outcome of Sanditon, the acclaimed adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel, already has a date. COSMO will premiere in Spain the third and final season of Sanditon next April 11 at 10:00 p.m. The long-awaited end of the series will resolve the future of its heroine, Charlotte Heywood, as well as that of her inseparable […]

Books in Aragon | Angélica Morales (publishes ‘The House of Broken Threads’): “Frustration gives rise to revolution and that’s what Otti Berger did at the Bauhaus”

Angélica Morales (Teruel, 1970) recovers in her first novel, ‘The House of Broken Threads’ (Destiny), the life of Otti Berger, a Bauhaus figure who ended up silenced by History. She does so by linking her life with that of a fictional family of the Catalan bourgeoisie, the Ribó family, through which the threads are interwoven […]

March 3, 2023

Fiction 1. The crystal cuckoo javier castillo / Sum / Previous week: 1 / Weeks in list: 3 2. children of the fable Fernando Aramburu / Tusquets / Previous week: 2 / Weeks on the list: 3 3. Us Manuel Vilas / Destination / Previous week: 3 / Weeks on list: 3 4. waiting for […]

Index – Culture – This new detective series is simply brilliant

The best small-town detective dramas seem to be found on HBO Max. In the past couple of years, sometimes creepy, sometimes tear-jerking series have appeared on the streaming service, such as Easttowni rejtélyek, the Sharp objects or he was there paddling on more mystical waves The outsider too. Although coming to HBO Max on February […]

In search of the father | The Newspaper of Spain

In the novel that has just been published in Spanish Amelie Nothomb, First blood (Anagramas always in translation of Sergi Pamies), the Belgian writer born in Japan and living in Paris reconstructs a part of the life of her father, Patrick Nothomb. Descended from the aristocracy impoverished by the war, Patrick hardly knew his father: […]

A terrible and necessary book

Rewrite this content It seems evident that bad books exist, and that the world would become unbearable, tremendously soporific, if only the perfect and beautiful things, the successes, the truths like cathedrals, the successes, the completely wonderful people were part of it. I wonder if the publishing sector could survive without bad, mediocre or ordinary […]