– Of course the laptop must be included on holiday!

The last ten For years, I’ve said exactly the same thing to colleagues before I go on summer vacation: “Then I’ll go on vacation, but I’ll have my laptop with me, just in case something happens!” Usually no one reacts. But if you say so journalistsyou quickly get a different response. – What? Are you […]

The Saudi index returns to decline amid the decline of 3 major sectors

The main Saudi stock index ended the first session of the week in the red zone, and closed down 12.83 points, or 0.1 percent, to close at 11,975.14 points, with transactions worth 5.1 billion riyals ($1.36 billion), and the volume of traded shares reached 152 million shares, shared by more than 310 Thousands of transactions, […]

The German press comments on Lavrov’s gesture. Strong words were spoken

On Friday, the media reported that Lavrov unexpectedly left the G20 summit on the Indonesian island of Bali. The head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs was supposed to be dissatisfied with the behavior of representatives of Western countries and their focus on the issue of the war in Ukraine. After the end of […]

Aruvikkara Panchayat with Nattuvela market : Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Aruvikkara Panchayat with Sunday market Thursday, July 7, 2022 11:23 PM IST Thiruvananthapuram: Making various agricultural products available to Aruvik Sunday market was organized in Ra Panchayat. Sunday market organized under the leadership of Aruvikkara Krishibhava Rashka Sabha and Grama Panchayat President Kalathara Madhu inaugurated it. Vegetables produced by farmers as part of the Sunday […]

An amazing spectacle of the generations of “Rzeszowiacy”. For the anniversary! [FOTO]

The three-hour spectacle was prepared for the 70th anniversary of the Rzeszowiacy family. The performance of generations was awarded with a standing ovation! For three days, the Song and Dance Ensemble “Rzeszowiacy” is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The highlight of the celebrations was Saturday’s “Concert of generations”. The stage featured a representative group with the […]

Inflation and rate hike put the US economy in the face of a hurricane

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell acknowledged that raising interest rates will not solve two of the biggest problems facing American households at the moment: high gas, commodity and strategic prices. During a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren Powell urged a cautious but cautious proceeding with interest rate hikes and avoid a recession […]

Fees in action against health plan include treatment value

In judgments that recognize the right to medical treatment coverage and to receive compensation for moral damages, the attorney’s fees for loss of suit are levied on the convictions to pay a certain amount and also the obligation to do so. For Minister Cueva, the calculation basis includes the value attributed to the treatment whose […]

ET Cinematic Astronomer: Unfortunately for you you have been replaced by a robot

A royal astronomer in Britain believes that any extraterrestrial beings of “flesh and blood” that evolved in space have now been controlled by super-intelligent robots, and that the same fate awaits the human race. The 79-year-old astrophysicist Martin Rees (Lord Ludlow), aged 79, suggested in a report published by the newspaper “The Times” that robots […]