Bioscope project, to personalize colorectal screening –

Making colorectal cancer prevention personalized, based on the risk that each individual has of getting sick: this is the objective of Bioscope, the research project funded by Airc and led by the Cancer Prevention Center of Turin in which the genomics laboratory of the Edo Tempia Fund, together with the gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy structure […]

P2p Credit – Page 2

The banking system in Europe is not in unison, there are differences. Most well-known p2p portals are located in the Baltic States (mainly Estonia) and some of them are suffering because of the UA war, since they have also given enough loans to Ukrainians and can no longer repay them due to the war situation. […]

He is sentenced to pay his ex-wife 24 years of housewife wages

A Spanish court ordered a man to pay his ex-wife $213,000 for domestic work done during their 24-year marriage. A Spanish court ordered a man to pay his ex-wife more than 200,000 euros ($213,000), result of adding more than two decades of salary for domestic work done when they were married, according to a sentence […]

Russia and the US hold ‘closed channels’ talks

“We have noticed that officials in Washington state that discussions on this issue are conducted through closed channels. I can confirm that this is indeed the case,” Ryabkov told Interfax. As he added, “in general, everything was said through open channels.” “The Russian president has spoken on this topic many times, including after his speech […]

The human identity in question. New issues and new technologies in human paleontology and biological paleoanthropology ANDRIEUX P., HADJOUIS D., DAMBRICOURT A. (dir.)

Research advanced search Exhaust The theme of this symposium revolves around the high percentage of growth disharmonies, dental malocclusions, the various vertebral conditions, whether or not related to cranio-facial asymmetries, the architectures of the skull and the face both during evolution and development. The various contributions take stock of the very latest techniques used in […]

“Shut up, Boukhamsa!” • Sports Observatory

Rewrite this content The second globally is an achievement, not a miracle. Although there are those who preceded the Crescent in the Arab and Gulf countries to this honor, we must not stop at that precedence and underestimate what the Crescent did in Morocco. In the final, Al-Hilal faced the greatest and strongest team in […]

I love you for money, O Mutawaa • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: A Saudi religious scholar named “Saad Al-Ghabiwi” documented a video clip via the “Tik Tok” application, in which he addresses a Jewish genie inside a girl in a live broadcast. The genie said that his name was Shalamut bin Shalimet, while the genie mocked the man when he asked him to leave the […]

Long wait, Ministry of Education! – Saudi News

Rewrite this content Since the approval of the draft regulation to establish branches of foreign universities in the Kingdom, we are on a date with long-awaited transformations in the higher education environment. Education is not excluded from the transformations that the Kingdom is experiencing at all levels. Rather, it is considered the cornerstone and pillar […]