The world’s first iPhone with two (USB-C) and (Lightning) ports

Tell me – A Korean engineer succeeded in introducing some special modifications to his iPhone, making it the first in the world to have two ports together, namely “USB-C” and “Lightning”. It is rumored that Apple is working on an iPhone equipped with a USB-C port this year, instead of the company’s current Lightning-type traditional […]

Parliament passes law creating unprecedented ”menstrual leave” in Europe

Spanish deputies voted definitively on Thursday for a law creating “menstrual leave” for women suffering from painful periods, a measure unprecedented in Europe intended, according to the left-wing government, to break a taboo. “It’s a historic day for feminist progress”, launched on Twitter the Minister for Equality Irene Montero, member of the radical left formation […]

José María Gil-Robles, former president of the European Parliament, dies at 88

The former president of the European Parliament between 1997 and 1999, Jose Maria Gil-Robleshas died this Monday at the age of 88, as confirmed by the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, and has collected Europa Press. The son of José María Gil-Robles, historic leader of the Spanish Confederation of Autonomous Rights (CEDA), “led […]

Missing: The Inga case is now also occupying Saxony-Anhalt’s politicians

Inga, who was five at the time, disappeared from a family celebration in the Stendal district in May 2015. A search was made for the girl for weeks – without success. The procedure was officially discontinued in 2019. The family’s parents and lawyers, including Tzschoppe, who represents one of Inga’s brothers, are not giving up […]

For iPhone owners.. 4 voice commands for Siri make your life easier

Tell me – If you own an iPhone, issuing Siri voice commands is a quick way to get things done, but many people don’t make good use of this feature, so we’ll review the top 4 Siri voice commands that will make your life easier. It should be noted that some of these Siri voice […]

Bolsonaro trusts the new Parliament of Brazil

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has assured this Tuesday that he has hope in the new Parliament that is installed this Wednesday in his country during a tribute paid to him by his compatriots in Orlando (Florida), in which he was treated like a movie star. The president, who has indicated that he has “saudade” […]

Peru: new clashes in Lima with the police, a protester dies – Latin America

Rewrite this content Hundreds of demonstrators, hooded and equipped with shields, clashed with police near the Peruvian Parliament in Lima. This is yet another episode of violence after the refusal of parliamentarians to give the green light to early elections. A protester died of injuries sustained during the clashes. “Not another dead, Dina murderess”, “We […]

US House of Representatives ruled out default

Rewrite this content WASHINGTON The White House has so far refused to make any concessions in connection with raising the debt limit. Biden said on Thursday that he would not allow anyone to use US creditworthiness as a bargaining chip. The United States had already reached the federal debt ceiling permitted by Congress on January […]