Pokémon GO announces the ‘Heroic Sage’ event to get a special Lapras

This next Thursday April 13 Pokmon GO will launch for just a few days the new event titled heroics wise, of which Niantic has already shared its characteristics. The popular augmented reality mobile title has presented this special event in which players can help Blanche to get a very special Lapras As a reward. You […]

Pokémon GO details its April 2023 events: Spring, raids and more

Pokmon GOthe popular Niantic mobile title, has recently announced the main news planned for this new month of april 2023 to start this week. The company, as usual, has emphasized the new events and pokmon that there will be available to capture throughout the month; then in this news we give you all important information […]

Date, time and place of the event in Chile

Everything is ready for a new Pokémon Go Community Dayan unmissable panorama for any player of this popular augmented reality saga. This was disclosed by Nianticwhere they expressed all the necessary coordinates, in addition to making known what the main Pokémon will be. Even, in case you are far from the place where it will […]

Get more exercise, playing Pokémon!

The franchise Pokémon it has wide appeal and is popular with many types of audiences. A great example of this is its constant popularity for more than 20 years and the widespread anticipation surrounding each of its releases. However, for some fans, enjoying animated series and games as they are isn’t enough, as there are […]

“Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn” pre-trip lazy bag | 4Gamers

Rewrite this content “Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn” is about to debut. The following is an overview of Pokémon haunts and suggestions for preparations before the trip, for reference by trainers. Pokemon GO Tour: Fengyuan Event Information Ticket price: Free, must complete the pre-quest “Original Call” Location: Worldwide Event date and time: February 25-26, 2023, 10:00-18:00 […]

Pokémon GO: Get Regirock, Regice and Registeel for free with these gift codes

Pokmon GO is of celebration since recently the payment event of the Tour de GO: Hoenn in Las Vegas, and for this very special event, Niantic has released some new promo codes for all players that allow us to unlock three investigations with which we can easily get the legendary Regis: Regirock, Regice y Registeel […]

‘Pokémon Go’ Dataminers Reveal Stats for Upcoming ‘Breaking Swipe’ Event

USA.- Before the official release of the next Dragon-type move of Pokémon Go, Breaking Swipe, the statistics have been shared by dataminers. The next move would be exclusive to Rayquaza when he appears in five star raids during the evento Primal Rumblings, but it should be coming out to other Dragon types in the next […]