Bulgarian volunteers who helped Ukrainians were fined BGN 12,000

Bulgarian volunteers helping Ukrainian refugees in our country received fines because of bureaucratic requirements. The famous civil activist Adelina Banakieva, who helps Ukrainians and sick children and adults, told about the case on her Facebook. She talks about the Varna volunteers Antoaneta Ivanova and Vanya Dobreva, who she nominated and received the “Person of the […]

We need an expert government, the key is in Cornelia Ninova

BGN 504 is the limit for the Easter supplement for pensioners, and is the person with BGN 505 rich, she asks Our voters tell us: Make a government, if possible expert. This country cannot do two years without a government! There was something there, and from then on, nothing, Mika Zaikova, a trade union expert, […]

Curro is being investigated for three more murders

Witnesses in the investigation against Krasimir Kamenov – Kuro say that the person hiding in South Africa ordered and organized three more murders, of VIS boss Meto Ilienski, and of the “Byzantine Brothers” – Radoslav and Nikolay Bikovi, BNT claims. On Friday, the prosecutor’s office also announced that Curro was also being investigated for other […]

5 votes for government are sought

In the past 48th parliament, the “Gabrovski” government did not reach 6 votes. And if I am convinced of anything, it is that there are parties now regretting not supporting him. What are the possibilities and why are they short of 5 votes? From the day before, it became clear that DB, more precisely “Yes […]

Bulgaria is on the brink of a silent civil war

The Bulgarian writer, nominated for the “Booker” for his novel “Time Asylum”, spoke to the British publication theguardian about the lack of future – a central theme in his novel, about the dangerous nostalgia for an unconscious past, about the polarization of Bulgarian society, about the rise of populism and nationalism. Four years ago I […]

Alisa Sofianska brought spring with 80 of her paintings, they bought them all

Antonina Stoyanova, Daniela Bobeva, Daniela Dokovska and Bogdana Karadocheva among the admirers of her art The wife of the former prime minister and mayor sold her canvases at symbolic prices “Unfortunately, the weather outside is not very spring-like. And the problems are not few. But let’s not talk about them today, here and now, but […]

Radev convenes the parliament after Easter

The budget must be adopted by May – last year’s extension expires The delicate point for the president and the parties is how long to stretch the consultations. If a debate in the National Assembly on the judicial reform starts in parallel with this, it can form a majority for a government April 19 is […]