The Court of Auditors does not believe in the return of growth to reduce the debt

There is at least one thing that does not change between the before and the post-Covid period: it is the way in which the Court of Auditors dissects report after report the deterioration of public finances. In its annual report on the subject made public on Tuesday, the public accounts watch considers perfectly legitimate the […]

Perspectives on the deficit | Macroeconomics

In March 2019 the Government announced that the 2018 deficit had closed at -2.63%. A few weeks later, Eurostat improved the figure somewhat. In March 2020, the Minister announced that the deficit for 2019 was -2.64%. A coincidence that has gone unnoticed in the media and that is undoubtedly bad news. Because we had a […]

AIReF refuses to soften the spending rule in its first clash with the Treasury

Monday, two March 2020 – 02:08 Cristina Herrero, new president of the Independent Fiscal Authority is against making the rule more flexible, as Minister Mara Jess Montero defends The president of the AIReF, Cristina Herrero (i), and the Minister of Finance, Mara Jess Montero.EFE Fiscal. We can now rely on AIReF while PP, Vox and […]

Mara Jess Montero changes a government agreement to strain 3,828 million more spending

Madrid Friday, 28 February 2020 – 02:01 The Minister of Finance modified the name of a decision of the Council of Ministers to have already processed in the Parliament the expenditure ceiling 2021 Mara Jess Montero applauds after the Government approved the budget stability objectives.Chema MoyaEFE Congress. Montero shocks an increase in the expenditure ceiling […]

More deficit, the same unemployment and less growth in 2020

The Government makes bobbin lace with the accounts, it disdains itself and corrects its own numbers in mid-October. The ministers Calviño and Montero they defend the robustness of the Spanish economy, but their forecasts show concern or, at least, that the horizon is not clear. The Government of Pedro Sánchez, in its new stage of […]

Non-payment of VAT and privileges to Catalua revolt the communities

Fiscal Policy Council Madrid Friday, 7 February 2020 – 21:36 The Treasury takes the path forward but does not avoid complaints about the non-payment of VAT in December 2017 or criticism of the “privileged” treatment of Catalua The Minister of Finance of the Community of Madrid, Javier Fernndez-Lasquetty, and the Minister of Finance, Mara Jess […]

CaixaBank, CEOE, Repsol, BBVA … nobody trusts Snchez to tackle the deficit

Madrid Tuesday, 28 January 2020 – 01:51 The study services that participate in the panel of the Savings Banks Foundation argue that the Government barely reduces the budget deviation in 2020 The President of the Government, Pedro Snchez, along with Cristina Carbona and Jos Luis Balos at the meeting of the Federal Executive of the […]