The Chinese Super League champion is questioned like the penultimate international football team. Wang Gang’s selection is controversial.

Original title: The Chinese Super League champion and the second-to-last international team are questioned as Wang Gang’s selection is controversial Article source: Peninsula Metropolis Daily Pan Lichao On the afternoon of January 14, the Chinese Football Association announced the latest training information. The Chinese National Men’s Football Team is scheduled to go to Haikou City […]

Should the bank pay me if my mortgage interest goes negative?

Daniel CaballeroFOLLOW Madrid Updated:01/05/2021 8:57h save Related news When José Manuel Campa, president of the EBA, pointed out that there should be no problem for banks to pay their clients in case their mortgages entered negative interest, the financial sector did not accept his words willingly. The legal chaos was served, given how the leader […]

The judge of Cazalla raises a preliminary question to the Court of the EU

The judge of Cazalla de la Sierra has paralyzed a cause for early mortgage maturity and has submitted a preliminary ruling to the Court of the European Union (CJEU) on whether the breach of the payment obligation “has to be sufficiently serious with respect to the duration and amount of the loan for the early […]

Everything you need to know about the European Recovery Plan

Roberta Sebastiani Updated:12/12/2020 01:45h save Related news With the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism launching a public consultation to identify projects that will be developed with the millions that make up this aid fund and the lifting of the veto of Hungary and Poland, which had put the European recovery plan on hold the theme […]

Voice Recording Puzzles Before the Clash of FPI and the Police – The debate continues between the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) and thePoliceabout the clash that killed six people. This time it’s about the voice recording at the time of the incident. FPI said that its members had sent voice recordings. It contained the screams of the shot members. Then, the six paramilitary cell phones […]

In Siberia, tame foxes question science (photos)

Held on a leash, Plombir rushes towards hens protected in their cage. This little white and black fox, the result of a long scientific experiment in Siberia to domesticate its species, has not lost all its instincts. « Yes he already tried to eat our chickens and run away », Says Sergei Abramov, 32, happy […]