Not exactly cheap: Twitter announces costs for the interface

Those who want to access the official Twitter interface now have to dig deep into their pockets. Access costs at least $42,000 a month. The new pricing structure should ensure that only a few researchers will be able to access the data in the future. Until now, research institutions and other non-profit institutions have had […]

Tariffs – Ludwigshafen am Rhein – warning strike in the public sector – economy

Ludwigshafen/Kaiserslautern (dpa/lrs) – Around 1,000 public sector employees took to the streets in Ludwigshafen on Wednesday to demand more salary. This was announced by the police after the warning strike event in the morning. In Kaiserslautern, too, employees laid down their work on Wednesday morning and gathered on the exhibition square. The Verdi union spoke […]

Escalation averted: Metallers get significantly more money

Ludwigsburg (dpa) – After twelve hours of negotiations and an impending termination, IG Metall and employers have reached a collective agreement for the German metal and electrical industry. Wage increases of 5.2 percent by June 2023 and another 3.3 percent from May 2024 over a period of 24 months are planned for the 3.9 million […]

Tariffs – Düsseldorf – warning strikes in the metal industry continue – economy

Düsseldorf (dpa/lnw) – In the collective bargaining dispute in the North Rhine-Westphalian metal and electrical industry, IG Metall continued its warning strikes in the third week after the end of the peace obligation. According to union information, almost 3,800 employees from 71 companies took part in strike actions on Monday. There will also be warning […]

IG Metall is calling for further warning strikes in the north

Stand: 01.11.2022 | Reading time: 2 minutes A participant in an IG Metall rally wears a red vest with the inscription “Solidarity wins!”. Source: Hauke-Christian Dittrich/dpa/Archivbild After the strike is before the strike: After the first warning strikes in the collective bargaining dispute in the metal and electrical industry at the weekend, the IG Metall […]

First warning strikes started in the metal industry

IG Metall warning strike at apt Extrusions GmbH in Monheim The union demands a permanent 8 percent increase in wages for the employees for a period of twelve months (Photo: dpa) Munich, Hamburg In the collective bargaining dispute in the metal and electrical industry, IG Metall began warning strikes on Saturday. Immediately after the end […]