The gases of the most expensive Hungarian performers have leaked out

The evolution of a musician’s gas depends on many components. It depends on the length of the concert, the size of the band, the fame of the musician and the nature of the performance. An unofficial gas list including these parameters started to circulate on the Internet, from which we can get an approximate idea […]

Instagram copies BeReal, these ten apps were previously the worst | Tech

24 aug 2022 om 05:32 Instagram has responded to the breakthrough of social media app BeReal by copying the function of the app. BeReal-like options are currently being tested by Instagram. Instagram’s behavior fits into a pattern where more than ten apps have already been copied. By Tim Wijkman BeReal opposes Instagram and sells itself […]

Cat with mustache looks like famous stars

Updated: 06/28/2022 – 20:45 “Charlie Catplin”, “Tomcat Selleck” uvm. Cat with a mustache becomes a viral hit and gets funny nicknames Photo: Shutterstock / Chalie Chulapornsiri A cat with a beard becomes a star on Reddit. (icon image) Cats never fail to amaze us with their fantastic nature or unusual fur markings. Mustaches are also […]

IT engineers write code to work automatically, go to work every day and get an annual salary of 2.48 million by playing electric cars, which has been praised | 4Gamers

This is a screenshot of the game “while True: learn()” If you can passGod’s languageThe code completely automates your work with an annual salary of 90,000 US dollars (NTD 2.48 million), so working time is likely to become a leisure enjoyment, and more importantly, your boss does not notice, or even completely understand you are. […]

Reddit: Controversial posts go viral faster

Online posts that polarize with controversial views spread faster on social media than without contentious content. So says a new study by researchers at the University of Central Florida (UCF). In addition, polarizing posts would spread faster and more widely than posts expressing approval. The team has analyzed over 47,000 posts on Reddit in the […]

Armda amatr opt confused with the shares, AMC cinemas thank you with free popcorn

Shares of AMC Entertainment are trading after a medium-term trading, during which the price rose by almost 96 percent, to an all-time high. In addition to the positive impact of the reopening of cinemas, this is mainly due to the interest of small investors from a number of individuals who have been attracting attention in […]