Covid: decreasing cases but 4 deaths in Sardinia, even a 37-year-old – Sardinia

Positivity rate 3.2%, admissions slightly down Another 4 deaths – the youngest was 37 – and 268 new cases of Covid positivity (-131) in the last 24 hours in Sardinia. 3,202 people were tested; processed in total, between molecular and antigenic, 8,359 tests for a positive rate of 3.2%. Patients admitted to intensive care are […]

Capcom Announces New Resident Evil Perfumes For 25th Anniversary

Who doesn’t want to smell like Chris Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy or Jill Valentine? Capcom has announced through the Capcom Store a new range of perfumes inspired by the most iconic characters from the survival horror saga on the occasion of the 25th anniversary. The new fragrance of Resident Evil It is just one of […]

Nemesis will soon be chasing you in Dead By Daylight

While we’ve known for over a month that Dead By Daylight and Resident Evil would be in a crossover, details about exactly what this would entail were scarce. However, with a new trailer we can finally see what this means for the community. As many of us predicted, Resident Evil 2’s Nemesis will take on […]

Resident Evil 8 – Duke’s Shop: ALL Items Available

These are all the items that the Duke will sell you in your first game of Resident Evil 8 Village. Amass a fortune so you can exchange it for valuable resources. As you move on Resident Evil 8 Village you will meet the Duke, the merchant of the game. With him you can spend the […]

New residents of Italy will be paid extra for moving to the country

New residents of Italy will be paid extra for moving to the country A photo: Svetlana MAKOVEEVA In Italy, the authorities of the commune of Santo Stefano are planning to attract new young residents in an unusual way. They intend to issue grants for moving to the country. This was reported on the website of […]

What is MIR and how is it prepared | Economy

Monday, July 13, 2020. Hundreds of future resident doctors crowd before the Ministry of Health. The nerves are on the surface, since in the next few days those gathered there will choose what they want to specialize in. Dermatology, plastic surgery, cardiology, anesthesia … are just a handful of the 44 medical specialties, distributed among […]

Earthquake: Count in Amatrice for 4th anniversary ceremony – Last Hour

(ANSA) – AMATRICE, AUGUST 24 – Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte arrived at the football field of Amatrice for the commemoration ceremony of the fourth anniversary of the earthquake in Central Italy. And the premier immediately touched the bitterness of the Amatricians, who did not fill the seats provided for the audience. Once he entered the […]

Resident surprises with the launch of a romantic song

“I love you. Here’s a gift for you. I love you,” said Residente (René Pérez) on his Instagram account, where he also took the opportunity to present the music video that accompanies the song. “The future wants its fortune teller / The sailboat wants the wind to give it / The road wants its destination […]