“Aquarela”, a natural odyssey

Funny documentary thatAquarela, whose project boils down to an idea at first glance that is frugal and nonetheless extraordinary: filming water as it occurs in nature, in all its physical states and volatile temperaments. It was probably necessary an impavid Russian such as Victor Kossakovsky, whose camera ventured in the most extreme regions of the […]

Wire, veterans of honor – Culture / Next

In the latest issue of the English magazine The Wire, who dedicates a well-seen cover to this homonymous group, Colin Newman explains the secret of Wire’s longevity: “We’ve never been a bunch of friends, we haven’t socialized so much outside of work.” It’s dry and pithy, like the tense music of these art-punk veterans has […]

“West of Eden”, the damned glam of HMLTD

ABrexit minus a quarter, the UK has found itself in urgent need: Idles, Shame, Slavs – we shout, we are crazy, we are not happy, we want to break everything, it is the fault of the society. Do not expect anything new or very exciting: kids from the upper middle class who spread a nice […]