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Dear user of the forum, We have decided to take an important step: From now on there is an obligation to register in the forum. This means that in the future only people who are logged in will be able to post – it is no longer possible without registration. We explain the […]

Discover who you want to be with The Sims and Bretman Rock

1/12/21 21:23 | Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 comments Maxis and Electronic Arts have teamed up with influencer Bretman Rock for a new Find Yourself campaign around self-discovery. Anyone who knows Bretman knows that he is all about expressing yourself. As a public figure with over 50 million followers, a […]

Yngwie Malmsteen – Tour 2021 – 16/12/2021 – Dallas – Texas – United States

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Hobo hospitalized Mandiner

The musician’s performances this year are all lagging behind. The news was announced on the Facebook page of the rock icon: László Földes, who was in need of hospital care, writes Borsonline. They added: Hobo has been ill in recent days. Thanks to effective hospital help, she is resting and healing at home this week. […]

Ex-Turbonegro singer Hank Von Helvete has died

Musician Ex-Turbonegro singer Hank Von Helvete has died Updated: 11/20/2021, 6:01 PM Hank von Helvete (r), then singer of the Norwegian band Turbonegro, at the music festival “Rock am Ring” in 2006. Photo: dpa From 1993 to 2009 Hans-Erik Dyvik Husby sang in the Norwegian punk’n’roll band Turbonegro. Now he has died at the age […]

Yuck! Rock singer pees on Fan – People during concert

Sophia Urista, singer of “Brass Against”, peed on a fan during a concert in Florida. In June the band comes to Vienna and Graz. The scene occurred during a concert at the Welcome to Rockville Festival in Florida. The band “Brass Against“performed on the Daytona Circuit stage. During a cover version of” Wake Up “by […]

Chelsea Grin – Tour 2021 – 09/12/2021 – Houston – Texas – United States

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The South Californian Abril Vázquez, scoop of “We Rock Music”

MEXICO CITY (apro) .- A solid foundation to forge as a musician is what “We Rock” offers, an independent space born in CDMX that launches its own record label dedicated especially to the new wave of artists in the country in favor of to establish itself with its own identity. The drummer of Randy Ebright, […]