Hey, how is it going! With homage to ‘Tito’ Puente, National Salsa Day will be held

The thirty-ninth edition of the National Salsa Day, organized by Zeta 93 FM and SBS, will pay homage to the 100th birthday of the legendary timbalero ‘Tito’ Puente, tomorrow, March 19. Puente grew up during the so-called ‘Jazz Age’ listening to the Big Jazz Band, listening to boleros and watching musicals on television, later becoming […]

The last photos of Lalo Rodríguez alive

Stock Image. For many fans of the artist, his death is due to his addiction to alcohol and drugs. Despite these speculations, the Puerto Rican’s cause of death has not yet been declared. Photo: Private Archive It is no secret that salsa in Colombia is one of the most acclaimed musical genres by adults and […]

Netflix CEO says TV will be gone in 5 years

The company said its share of total TV viewing hit an all-time high in June. Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, put an expiration date on television as the world knows it today, noting that users are concentrating on the services offered by digital platforms. According to his statement, television would have five or 10 […]

This is how the 38th National Salsa Day was lived in Puerto Rico

With the chords of ‘La Borinqueña’, considered the national anthem of Puerto Rico, performed by Willito Otero, the 38th edition of National Salsa Day began last Sunday in the Puerto Rican capital. After an extensive pause caused by the pandemic, thousands of salseros of different nationalities gathered at the Hiram Bithorn stadium to enjoy a […]