No more than 170 kilograms of fertilizers per hectare per year

The Valencian Code of Good Agricultural Practices of the Valencian Community includes the measures to protect water against agricultural pollution. The document explains the moment of nitrogen application in the most representative crops, such as vegetables, tubers, citrus fruits, fruit trees, vineyards, olive trees, alfalfa, rice, cereals, oilseeds, herbaceous crops and also corn. sowing time […]

Approved the first injectable antipsychotic of two doses a year against schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a complex and long-standing mental disorder It affects all countries, socioeconomic groups and cultures alike. On a global scale, the schizophrenia affects approximately 24 million people, that is, 1 in 300 people (0.32%). Specifically, in our country, there are some 600,000 people with diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia or associated disorders, which represents between […]

José Saramago’s legacy is already at the Cervantes Institute

It was a warm act, during which the affection and admiration for the Nobel Prize winner José Saramago (1922-2010)whose centenary is celebrated this year with numerous activities, forums and meetings coordinated by his widow and executor, Pilar del Río, on both sides of the Atlantic. On a sunny spring afternoon in Madrid, the Instituto Cervantes […]

Bordeaux: the team that provides the most spectacle in Ligue 1? – Girondins

Yes, the FCGB is the team that provides the most “spectacle” in Ligue 1 this season. Why ? It’s simple, because it’s watching the Girondins de Bordeaux play that you’re going to see the most goals. Thus, 112 goals have been scored in Marine et Blanc matches this season. With 41 goals scored and 71 […]

Ukraine expects a Russian attack in the east of the country to begin soon

Ukraine expects Russia to launch a major offensive in the east soon. This was stated on Monday during a briefing for media spokesman of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Olexandr Motuzianyk. “The enemy has almost completed preparations for an attack in the east. The attack will start soon“Motuzianyk said, adding that” we do not know […]

The man who took command of the Russian army. Who is Alexander Dvornikov?

General Alexander Dvornikov, who has extensive experience in the fighting in Syria, will take command of Russian invading forces in Ukraine. His main task will be to improve coordination between the troops, which has been simple and bad since the invasion on February 24, the BBC News portal wrote today, citing an unnamed Western official. […]

New sanctions against Russia will also apply to oil and gas

The new sanctions that the European Union will adopt against Russia for invading Ukraine will be “sooner or later” also apply to Russian oil and natural gas. This was stated by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, Charles Michel, President of the European Council, and Josep Borrell, Head of EU Diplomacy, during […]

The Union is launching proceedings against Hungary for violating the rule of law

5. Apr 2022 at 16:37 I Updated 5. Apr 2022 at 17:11 Hungary may lose money from Union funds. BRUSSELS. The European Union is launching proceedings against Hungary for breaches of the rule of law. The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced this on Tuesday. Hungary may lose money from Union […]