Good News Varta and apparently S Immo, ADX Energy Changes and Oida, Börse-Insta is annoying like Twitter

Rewrite this content Listen: The Wiener Börse Pläusche are a podcast project for by Christian Drastil Comm. Under the motto “Market & Me” Christian Drastil reports on daily events at the Vienna Stock Exchange. Episode S3/95 is about annoying Instagram stockbrokers, an addendum to the exciting Wiener Zeitung case, good news for Varta […]

US visa expiration: how to renew? – Travel – Life

Among those who are wishing to travel to USA Coming soon, a question is frequent in your conversations: why are you assigning appointments for one or two years to renew or get the visa? It is an issue that has been latent in public opinion in recent months, to such an extent that it has […]

The drones show an alliance between Iran and Russia based on hostility towards the US.

The Iranian-made drones that Russia sent on Monday to dive-bomb Ukraine’s capital provided the most emphatic evidence yet that Tehran has become a rare ally and ever closer to the Kremlin, which offers both weapons and international support that Russia woefully lacks. There is no deep love between Russia – recently outcast for attacking another […]

Video: bomber plane crashes into building in Russia – Europe – International

And Russian military plane Su-34 crashed on Monday in the courtyard of a residential building in the spa town of Yeisk, near Ukraine and washed by the Sea of ​​Azov, and caused the death of at least three people, as well as 21 injuries, according to the authorities. “Three deceased are known for sure,” said […]

Historical fact: Ai-Da, the humanoid robot, is the first to participate in the British Parliament | VIDEO | Artificial Intelligence | AI | Spain | Mexico | USA | TECHNOLOGY

Ai-Da, the robot artist who uses artificial intelligence, marked a milestone in history after having participated in the British Parliament on October 12. The robot attended the session to discuss whether artificial intelligence could be a threat to the creative field. MIRA: The impressive images generated by an AI from the phrase “The Inca Atahualpa […]

Immigrate to the US legally and without a job offer: who can do it

The search for a better life quality y growth opportunities economic are the main reasons why Argentines decide to emigrate to other countries. Those with European citizenship mostly choose Spain, but those without dual citizenship often look to the United States as an attractive place to try their luck. But getting a job is the […]

The US wants to turn Taiwan into a giant weapons depot

WASHINGTON – US officials are stepping up efforts to build a giant stockpile of weapons in Taiwan after studying the Chinese military’s recent naval and air exercises on the island, according to current and former officials. The exercises showed that China probably would block the island as a prelude to any attempted invasion, and Taiwan […]