How to get Terra 2.0 (LUNA) airdrop? All you need to know

What happened? In early May 2022, the algorithmic stablecoin UST issued on the Terra blockchain and its native coin LUNA depreciated sharply after a series of events. As a result, the project developers decided to launch a new blockchain – Terra 2.0. As planned by the organizers, this will allow to recreate the ecosystem “from […]

The developers launched the main network of the Terra 2.0 project

The head of Terraform Labs, Do Kwon, announced the launch of the main network Terra 2.0, which received the identifier Phoenix-1. According to him, the participants of the LUNA airdrop have already been credited with tokens – to see the balance, you need to connect to the Terra Station system. To view your $LUNA (or […]

New NASA Hubble Telescope Discoveries Reveal “Something Strange” Is Going On In The Universe

New findings from the American Space Agency’s (NASA) Hubble Telescope have revealed that “something strange” is happening in the universe. As detailed by Meganoticias, a NASA report provided information about how fast our universe is expanding, to the surprise of scientists, something “unimaginable” is happening. The study suggests that “something strange” is happening, as the […]

Terra developers will launch a new network instead of a hard fork

Terra representatives said that the “revival plan” of the project involves not forking the existing network, but creating a new one. 1/ Recently, a few community members (including some from TFL) have referred to the proposed new blockchain in Prop 1623 as a “fork” as opposed to a genesis chain. Note: The revival plan is […]

The founder of Avalanche revealed the project’s losses from investments in Terra

Due to the collapse of the Terra ecosystem, the non-profit organization Avalanche Foundation lost $60 million, Avalanche founder and head of Ava Labs Emin Gun Sirer told Forbes. Sirer says the Avalanche Foundation has worked closely with Terraform Labs. He explained that the companies’ partnership was aimed at increasing the interoperability of the two blockchains. […]

Do Kwon amends Terra hard fork proposal

Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon has made changes to his proposal to hard fork the Terra blockchain. According to him, he edited several parameters for the distribution of tokens of the new network “taking into account the opinion of the community.” On May 16, Kwon initiated a hard fork vote, calling it “a chance to […]