Faster than Pajero Sport, This is the Most Expensive Santa Fe Diesel Annual Tax

Trybowo Laksono Hyundai Santa Fe Diesel 2.2 Signature – Accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 8.6 seconds makes the Hyundai Santa Fe diesel faster than the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Dakar Ultimate 4×2. Mitsubishi’s flagship big SUV took 11 seconds to do the same sprint. Okay, that means Santa Fe is the fastest Big SUV in […]

Efficient use of nutrients :: Campo Litoral

Martin Diaz-Zorita We know that the potential yield of each production site is limited by the supply of nutrients and we act accordingly by implementing various strategies for the diagnosis and management of fertilization to strategically and abundantly provide the elements that plants need to grow normally. Achieving an efficient use of the applied nutrients […]

Perotti: ‘We prioritize work and education over any other action’

EDUCATION In Venado Tuerto, the governor of Santa Fe led the act of opening envelopes for the construction of a secondary school. In addition, he told how the pandemic affected the educational system and how it will be the same, throughout the province, after the winter holidays. .

Nourishing crops to reduce yield gaps :: Campo Litoral

In the first virtual day of the Fertility Symposium 2021, the agronomist Andrés Grasso, technical coordinator Fertilizar AC, spoke about the availability of nutrients and responses in production and quality. “You have to know that our great production reservoir is the nutrients that are in the soil, that these nutrients are limiting and that the […]

Scandal in Santa Fe: 100 Culture employees were vaccinated by mistake

In Santa Fe, a “clerical error” caused the vaccination of 100 employees of the Culture area who are not older than 70 years and do not belong to risk groups. Doses were placed in Rosario and the governor Omar perotti (PJ) ordered an investigation. According to public Clarn, a first official explanation was that there […]

They guarantee water for 30 years for a million neighbors – Summary 3

Fabián López, Minister of Public Services of Córdoba, stressed that the aqueduct from the Paraná River (Santa Fe) will guarantee water for 30 years and will benefit more than one million inhabitants of both provinces. The confirmation was made this Wednesday from a videoconference between President Alberto Fernández, Governor Juan Schiaretti, his counterpart from Santa […]