CRAZY! Honda Launches New Beat Type Super Mini Bro

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Indonesian scooter lovers are now surprised by the appearance of the latest type of Beat called Honda Navi 2022. The new Honda Navi 2022 motorbike, you can say is unique because the dimensions are slightly different, compared to existing motorbikes. This 2022 Honda Navi is a new mini motorbike, which […]

GREAT GUYS! All New Honda PCX 160 Predator Officially Launched? Here are the details

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Once again, the Indonesian automotive market was shocked by the arrival of a Predator-style scooter, namely the All New Honda Vario 160. When viewed from the appearance, the All New Honda PCX 160 scooter has a larger and fiercer body like the Predator. How not, this Predator-style scooter or the […]

WOW PRICE 20 MILLION, Yamaha NMax’s new scooter will launch soon!

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Yamaha Motor again surprises motorcycle lovers by releasing a new motorcycle called Yamaha Force X 125. The Yamaha Force X 125 can be called the younger brother of the Yamaha NMax because the design is very large and very contemporary. It has a large body but the price of the […]

Chinese car factory claims that Sanyang MMBCU Mamba imitates its own locomotive.

As of the end of August this year, Sanyang (SYM), which temporarily ranks first in Taiwan’s locomotive sales, launched the first MMBCU Mamba running tour in the CU series in mid-August. It has already received more than 2,600 orders within 10 days of its listing, which is quite outstanding. , But some Chinese car manufacturers […]

New Yamaha Freego 125 Facelift 2022 Launching? Looks More Super Cool Than Rivals

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – The latest news circulates that the Yamaha Freego has received an update, because this Yamaha champion should have received an upgrade. And recently the figure of a scooter that looks very ideal if it becomes a form of the Yamaha Freego, because they are both 125 cc engines and modern […]