16 Seat models that are very rare to come across! [diaporama]

On May 9, 2020, Seat celebrated its 70th anniversary! If the manufacturer does not yet have a museum in its name, it is in the works, the brand carefully preserves some of its models in reserved rooms located near Barcelona. On the occasion of its anniversary, the Iberian manufacturer had the good idea to highlight […]

The head of Seat design towards Renault?

According to Automotive News Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos would be on the way to France. No comment from the lozenge house Seat design director Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos is said to be leaving the Iberian manufacturer’s style center to join the Renault Group. According to an indiscretion reported by Automotive News Europe, the designer could reunite with his previous […]

Burgos will host PhotoEspaña this summer – Burgos News | – Burgos Digital Newspaper

burgosnoticias.com | 05/20/2020 – 12: 31h. Starting in mid-June, the balconies and windows of cities such as Burgos, León, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, Valladolid, Zamora … and thus up to fifty cities, will thus become headquarters of the project, showing the images that a jury made up of experts select in each city. These exhibitions will […]

TikTok evaluates the move of the London office – Tlc

With the sword of Damocles of the likely US ban, TikTok evaluates the move of its headquarters to London or other western cities. According to the Reuters website, the Chinese company has been in contact with the British government for months as part of a strategy to distance itself from its Chinese ownership. London, according […]

Siemens bets on permanent teleworking two to three days per week | Companies

Teleworking is here to stay and proof of this is that one of the largest European industrial conglomerates, the German Siemens, bets on him “as a cornerstone” of his labor relations with or without coronavirus. The company’s board of directors has approved the adoption of remote work, two to three days per week on average, […]

North Macedonia: leading the Social Democratic Party – Europe

In North Macedonia, data updated after counting 93.96% of the ballot papers see ex-premier Zoran Zaev’s Social Democratic Party (SDSM) with 36.13% of the votes, while the conservatives of Vmro-Dpmne go 34.56%. As the election commission in Skopje reported during the night, the main parties representing the Albanian minority are behind the two major political […]

The importance of the territory in the vote: the case of Vox | Spain

Not all votes count the same. It has been said many times that some provinces offer “cheap” seats, because they are obtained with fewer votes. But the distribution can also provoke other carambolas, such as that thousands of votes in Alicante or Cádiz are irrelevant (if no deputy moves) and that a single vote in […]

Russia: Constitution referendum, yes wins with 77.9% – World

After counting 100% of the votes cast in the national vote on the amendments to the Russian Constitution, the Central Electoral Commission announced that 77.92% of citizens supported the amendments and 21.27% voted against. Interfax reports it. I referendum – wanted by Vladimir Putin to legitimize the changes to the fundamental charter and consolidate his political […]

Poland: Duda 45.24% with 87% of polled seats – Ultima Ora

– WARSAW, JUNE 29 – The outgoing president of Poland, Andrej Duda, obtained 45.24% of the votes in the presidential elections held yesterday, with 87% of the polls polled so far: the national electoral commission has announced. At the same time, his opponent Rafal Trzaskowski – with whom he will face on July 12th – […]