Spanish badminton regains the honor it lost in Japan … thanks to this newspaper

28/06/2020 22:10 – Updated: 06/29/2020 12:53 PM It was less than four months before the Rio Games 2016 and the Japanese fans eagerly awaited to see Kento Momota, his great badminton star, then the second player in the world and now number one, fighting for Olympic gold. In other words, what the Spanish woman would […]

Peruvian ex-combatant of World War II, Jorge Sanjinez Lenz, dies

The afternoon of this August 24, died in Pucallpa at 103 years old Jorge Sanjinez Lenz, Peruvian veteran of World War II. It was his son Jorge Sanjinez Alava who reported the death through his Facebook account. “I want to communicate with deep regret and with my soul broken into a thousand pieces that the […]

Trump says 1917 pandemic “ended” World War II – CNN

These are the four decrees that Trump signed for economic relief 3:35 (CNN) –– US President Donald Trump appeared to confuse the two world wars on Monday, telling journalists that the 1917 flu pandemic “probably ended World War II.” And he added that “all the soldiers were sick.” The 1917 Spanish flu pandemic, which you […]

Bomber: That’s how the air war against Germany really started

Es started very early on Pentecost Sunday. At around 0.25 on May 12, 1940, British bombs fell on a German city for the first time – Mönchengladbach, then written in Munich-Gladbach. The previous attacks on Wilhelmshaven had only applied to the war port and at least damaged some cruisers and destroyers. On Pentecost Saturday evening, […]

Commemoration of the end of the war – Steinmeier warns of new nationalism

Memorial event in Berlin Angela Merkel (in the foreground) as well as Wolfgang Schäuble, Franz-Walter Steinmeier, Dietmar Woidke and Andreas Voßkuhle (from left) laid wreaths at the Neue Wache. (Photo: dpa) Berlin 75 years after Germany’s liberation from the National Socialist dictatorship, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier called on citizens to defend democracy. “We were liberated […]

“Never give up, never despair”: Queen reminds of the end of the war

Updated May 8, 2020, 11:15 p.m. In a speech, Queen Elizabeth II uses moving words to recall the many lives that the “terrible conflict” had claimed. You can find more current news here The British Queen Elizabeth II (94) commemorated the end of the Second World War on Friday evening with a speech broadcast on […]

End of the war in 1945: When Leni Riefenstahl burned her own films

JAs the end of the war approaches, the more nervous Leni Riefenstahl becomes in 1945. After all, she glorified Hitler in the party conference film, celebrated fascist aesthetics in the Olympic film, and probably every second Allied soldier believes that she is the leader’s lover. In fact, she is on an American list of war […]

Keep calm and carry on: A second-hand bookshop

DThe poster was unmistakable. It hung in duplicate on the walls of the antiquarian bookshop in the northern English town of Alnwick. But we didn’t care, thought it was British folklore from the annals of World War II, perhaps an original souvenir for particularly Anglophile contemporaries. Today we would like to have a copy at […]