The stories that take us to hateful places

Andrés IbáñezFOLLOW Updated:05/07/2020 01: 43h save Ancient stories says Borges, they were all happy: Ulysses was returning to Ithaca, the Argonauts found the fleece. Modernism invented something else: anti-stories, stories in which nothing happened. But what is now is stranger, and we should not confuse the ahistorias that flourish everywhere with the anti-stories of modernism, […]

Cyclone season: worrying indicators suggest a very active year

The hurricane season is seasonal. It begins in June. Cyclones, hurricanes or typhoons, whose names vary according to their geographic location, are storms that change as soon as the wind speed exceeds 119 km / h. They are classified by category from 1 to 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale. In early September 2019, Dorian (whose […]

Orange County Emergency confirms due to Coronavirus – NBC Los Angeles

The Board of Supervisors of Orange County approved an emergency declaration by Monday and provided better training for healthcare providers and first responders as they sought out the potential influx of coronary virus patients. This action concluded that a crew of the Orange County Fire Authority firefighters had been segregated at Irvine station after arriving […]

Without Still 21, Angels Scene Jo Adell keeps going up – NBC Los Angeles

The line and the house meets a laser throw down with Jo Adell’s promise. Two strikes against the Colorado vector veneers Rockies on Sunday highlighted the learning curve associated with Angels Los Angeles’s top prospect. “I’m just working hard every day to try to play in the big leagues anywhere I can, ‘said the bitter […]

The dragon ball will finally be ours! | Blog 1 UP

It has rained a lot since Akira Toriyama created in 1984 the saga of Goku and his friends, one of the most successful in the manga scene and that has inspired many other creations such as One piece (Eiichiro Oda) or Naruto (Masashi Kishimoto). The adventures of Goku in search of dragon balls is one […]