Water Ways: Why the Canadian stock market is the winner of the crises

Friendly people, lots of snow, breathtaking, partly untouched nature, lots of geese and a frozen lake on every corner where ice hockey is being played. So far with prejudices around Canada. But you do the North Americans an injustice if you forget innovative and ambitious companies and an exciting stock market. This is particularly true […]

Berlin-based data start-up wins Atomico and Insight as investors

Hamburg Jay Gatsby stands for debauchery, luxury and the escape from rural poverty. Nevertheless, the fictional character invented by F. Scott Fitzgerald brought the Berlin start-up founder Hung Dang to the dry topic of data analysis. During his studies, Dang co-founded the event series “Party like Gatsby”, which spreads the flair of the 1920s in […]

Shopify announces partnership with Spotify

Shopify, a commerce company whose technology allows it to launch, manage and develop its activity, announces a new strategic partnership with Spotify for the Anglo-Saxon public (in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand). -Zeeland). Using the Spotify channel, artists can now showcase products where listeners and fans are most interested […]