Rezé. Shops open on Sundays: elected officials divided

While waiting for the government to confirm or not a reopening of so-called non-essential businesses – except bars and restaurants – on December 1, Mayor Hervé Neau made a point of putting things right, straight away Thursday evening, in a room of the Trocardière prohibited to the public. “Make no mistake: there is no question […]

Without tourists, souvenir shops face an uncertain future

NEW YORK – Like many souvenir shops in New York City, Manhattan’s “Memories of New York” is full of T-shirts. They carry the logos of the New York Yankees and subway lines, images of the Brooklyn Bridge, and of course the familiar “I (Heart) NY” insignia which is a staple of town souvenir shops. The […]

Pokémon GO teams up with stores; locals become ‘Poképaradas’

MEXICO CITY. The alliance of Pokémon GO, the most popular mobile game successful in history that carries more than a billion downloads, with 7-Eleven convenience stores, showed very good results in Mexico, despite the difficult situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The strategy consisted in converting 1,800 branches of 7-Eleven in new locations in the […]

We propose 5 LOOKS of ENTERTAINMENT for 5 plans, you love it

We are at that time of year marked by halftime, a concept that takes us somewhat lost … One day we wake up and we may have a sunny day ahead of us, but at the hour it can turn into a stormy day. Time is bipolar and our closet, too. On the street we […]

Microsoft will close its Microsoft Store stores permanently

26/06/2020 17:04 – Updated: 06/26/2020 17:07 The American technology giant Microsoft will carry out a strategic turn in its retail operations, including the closure of its physical Microsoft Store stores, for which the company will score a negative impact of approximately 450 million dollars (401 million euros) in the last quarter of its fiscal year, […]

Microsoft will close its Microsoft Store stores permanently

By E.B. “Members of the company’s retail team will continue to serve customers from Microsoft’s corporate facilities and carry out sales, training and support remotely,” said the company, which assured that it will continue to invest in its digital storefronts at Microsoft. .com and in stores on Xbox and Windows, reaching more than 1.2 billion […]