Jennifer Aniston uses animal sperm to look young and beautiful

the famous actress Jennifer AnistonKnown around the world for her iconic role as Rachel Green on the television series “Friends,” she has always been the center of attention due to her spectacular beauty and youthful appearance over time. The American artist recently revealed her beauty secret that has left many of her followers stunned, by […]

Learn how a balanced diet helps in healthy skin aging

The skin, an important organ of the body that protects the organism, is directly related to health and self-esteem. Factors such as the practice of some physical activity, adequate sleep and good hydration are fundamental for the preservation of these tissues during the aging process. In addition, the adoption of balanced eating practices, which are […]

The miracle cure for beautiful skin and shiny hair

Sea buckthorn is a popular active ingredient in the beauty industry for skin and hair care, because sea buckthorn has many valuable ingredients that have a positive effect on the skin. We have put together all the important information about the wonder weapon sea buckthorn for you. Sea buckthorn: This is why the active ingredient […]

This tea can help acne-prone skin a lot

We often hear that the condition of our skin can reveal our health. However, there is no need to be alarmed by this, as it often happens that acne-prone skin is caused by an incorrect skin care routine, a reaction to certain products, or a food allergy. 1 cup of tea a day against acne […]

Startup: Swiss men’s skin care without compromise

In Toggenburg, the startup Jungkraut from Zug produces sustainable men’s skin care without harmful additives locally and in a climate-neutral manner. The startup Jungkraut presents a new men’s care product. – zVg Ad the essentials in brief The startup Jungkraut produces natural and effective men’s skin care. It is facial care for men without harmful […]

To take care of the sun in CĂșcuta

Cucuta is known for its warm sunny weather during most of the year. However, when the days of high temperatures arrive, essential precautions must be taken to protect the skin and enjoy the sun safely. As the planet’s temperature rises, the sun’s rays become more intense and damaging to the skin. ultraviolet rays (UV) are […]

The Return of Fabric Headbands: A Chic and Casual Accessory for Every Style

Fabric headbands are back, and they’re here to stay. This popular accessory from the 90s is back in style and is making a splash on social media. The most stylish influencers and celebrities, like the Spanish singer Ana Mena or the influencer Andrea Mengual, are joining this trend, and it’s not hard to see why. […]

This active ingredient makes your skin more beautiful overnight

What if there was a product you could apply to your skin before bed to make you look fresh, radiant and a little younger the next morning? A miracle active ingredient The above lines may sound like a dream, but according to a Hollywood skin care master, this ingredient actually exists. It is already found […]

Beauty care with pumpkins –

The pumpkin spice latte introduced by the Starbucks coffee chain in 2003 started a worldwide trend, not only in gastronomy, but also in beauty care. Many brands offer – especially at this time, in the autumn period – pumpkin spice cosmetics, which are optimal from pumpkins contain ingredients from And these are really good for […]