The underside of the relationship between the animal world and humans

Beyond our eyes, what relationship does the animal world have with humans? How do they manage to communicate with us? To dissect the underside of these relationships, two ethologists have agreed to answer our questions: Sarah Jeannin and CĂ©dric Sueur. Dogs, cats, goats, chimpanzees… If we look at them with our eyes humans, they too […]

Fragrance expert helps Covid-19 patients

Chicago teenager tries to regain his sense of smell six months after being the protagonist of Covid-19 After Sahil Shah, a 13-year-old girl, lost her sense of smell due to contracting Covid-19 in November, her parents sought help in several places, as reported by the news from AgĂȘncia Brasil, which we had access to. “We […]

What if covid-19 becomes a chronic disease

27 August 2020 13:25 Symptoms started in March, says Laura, a British girl of about 25. At first it just seemed like a bad flu: dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, loss of smell, “horrible nausea” and general fatigue. After three weeks of rest, things began to improve. But five months later, she still hasn’t […]