It is forbidden to meet relatives in person, work and leave the territory of the institution independently. Concerns are expressed about the severe restrictions of the VSAC – Society and Politics – News

According to a statement on the Office’s website, during a state of emergency declared to limit the spread of Covid-19, both the public and residents of public social care centers had to comply with sufficiently strict movement restrictions. However, while the rest of the public enjoys more lenient Covid-19 containment measures at the end of […]

Comment: The basic pension is disruptive

MThe basic coalition affords the grand coalition another prank of particular relevance to pension policy. In order to gauge the scale of the reform that raises more than a million small pensions above social assistance, today’s estimated costs are not a good guide. Compared to the double-digit billions of euros spent on increasing pensions for […]

Not all children are exempt from child support

More respect: The growing social appreciation of nursing staff leads to rising costs. Picture: dpa The federal government has released many children from parental support. But that does not apply to everyone: Whose annual gross income exceeds 100,000 euros must pay, there are rarely exceptions. VMany seniors do not want to burden their children financially […]

Coronavirus Adelaide: David Jones employee positive, Unley High goes online

This story covers SA’s coronavirus developments on Tuesday. Click or tap here to receive Wednesday’s SA corona virus updates This story about the coronavirus crisis is free for all readers – please support our journalism with a subscription In SA, 36 new coronavirus cases were confirmed, of which 170 were the largest jump to date. […]

Coronavirus: Hancock urges social workers to be guaranteed sick pay World News

More than 100 MPs are calling on Minister of Health Matt Hancock to provide more assurance that social workers forced to drop shifts due to the coronavirus pandemic will receive adequate sick pay. NHS England issued guidelines instructing trusts to pay full sick pay to employees who need to isolate themselves from the illness. However, […]

Experts question the ban on Bupa nursing homes on most family visits World news

The pressure on nursing homes is growing, despite updated government policies, closing their doors to all family members and friends after Bupa announced on Friday that it would prohibit all visits except in exceptional circumstances. A spokesman for Bupa, which operates 120 nursing homes for 6,800 residents, said: “We continue to ensure that our residents, […]