The nonexistent distancing during certain evenings at the Mile Public House

From the first week of the reopening of bars in Quebec, the Mile Public House was bursting at the seams, and the rules of social distancing, completely ousted during certain evenings. • Read also: Mile Public House: one among many • Read also: Mile Public House outbreak: 20 young people affected • Read also: COVID-19 […]

New York postpones the reopening of its dining rooms

Worried about the outbreak of the pandemic in many American regions, the mayor of New York announced on Wednesday the “postponement” of the reopening of dining rooms, which was supposed to start on July 6. “Now is not the time to start dining out,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio at a media availability. “We are […]

Bill Gates’ Gloomy Predictions about the Corona Covid-19 Virus

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Microsoft founder Bill Gates predicts positive cases of the Covid-19 corona virus in the United States (US) could increase again if people still don’t want to wear masks and refuse to keep their distance (social distancing). If it does not change, Bill Gates warned that conditions could worsen in October or […]

Switzerland places 300 people in quarantine after Covid-19 outbreak at nightclub

Swiss health officials quarantined 300 people due to a Covid-19 outbreak in a Zurich nightclub that spread extremely quickly, was announced on Sunday. A man who spent a week at the Flamingo Club tested positive on Thursday. His five companions at the party were tested the next day and are also infected. With the help […]

stuffed animals in Paris, France, for social distancing

The huge stuffed animals are sitting in the chairs of a cafe and restaurant from the French capital so that customers can keep the recommended distance to avoid contagion of coronavirus, report international media such as La República (Peru) and Pedestrian TV (Australia). In their web portals, these media collect a photo with the particular […]

Wearing a Mask Makes People Keep Their Distance

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Education the latest shows wear face mask more effective in making people maintain social distancing when compared to when they are not wearing a mask. This method is effective in preventing the spread of corona virus infections (covid-19) This research from the University of Padua, Italy, analyzes people’s behavior in maintaining […]

Matt Damon Dishes On His ‘Fairytale’ Self-Isolation Setup In Ireland

Matt Damon lucked out and landed in a “fairy tale” when he was forced to quarantine in Dalkey, Ireland in March. The actor was shooting on location for Ridley Scott’s new film, “The Last Duel,” when the coronavirus pandemic forced Damon and his family to stay put in the idyllic locale. Damon had nothing but […]

Can we really respect social distancing in public transport?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – Users of public transport, especially the Paris metro, were not always able to maintain a minimum distance between them. Should we worry about it? On Monday, on average, the subways were not crowded. GEOFFROY VAN DER HASSELT / AFP This is one of the images of this first day of deconfinement: […]

These traders not in such a hurry to reopen their stores

Difficulties in applying sanitary measures, absence of employees … Some brands prefer to take their time before welcoming customers. On the first day of deconfinement, people walk in a Parisian shopping center where a marking on the ground recalls the measures of social distancing. Francois Mori / AP After two months of almost complete cessation […]