Hotels in times of Corona: Please reserve couches!

EGood news in advance: reserving loungers this year is not a faux pas, but is even welcome in many places. Because if you stay lying there is less effort: Whether tables and chairs in the restaurant, stools and counters in the bar or the sun oasis by the pool – everything has to be disinfected […]

3,000 people in Val Gardena tested on Corona

Val Gardena was one of the first corona infections in South Tyrol. As part of a project study in the three communities of St. Ulrich, St. Christina and Wolkenstein, a broad-based test of around 3,000 people is now being carried out. In today’s press conference, State Councilor Thomas Widmann presented the project together with those […]

Corona virus: Germany is so far from Merkel’s target

OAlthough Germany is only at the beginning of the corona epidemic, the debate about a return to everyday life is already underway. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is very cautious and only wants to see a significant decrease in the dynamic as the number of infected people increases. Initially, these would have doubled every two days, […]

Corona virus in Europe: first case in South Tyrol – health

The novel corona virus continues to spread in Italy. After the number of confirmed cases in the country climbed to over 220 on Monday, South Tyrol also reported the first case on Monday evening. The 31-year-old infected had reported himself to the authorities after a trip to the severely affected Lombardy, and had initially been […]

Brixen in South Tyrol: skiing with a dream view of the Dolomites

ZThe six-person gondola floats up the shady north slope through the icy cold for eighteen minutes. Then, at the last mast, everything is suddenly bathed in glistening sunlight and an alpine panorama opens up that is second to none. Overwhelmed and half blind by the sudden brightness, you stumble outside at the mountain station and […]

Number of coronavirus infections rises to more than 20,000

The number of confirmed infections and deaths from the corona virus has skyrocketed again in China. According to the Chinese health authority, there were 20,438 confirmed illnesses up to Tuesday – 3,225 new cases compared to the lecture. The death toll rose by 64 to 425. It is the largest increase in novel coronavirus infections […]