four people accused of spying for France arrested

Turkey: arrest of four people accused of spying for the benefit of France Turkey confirmed on Wednesday, through its ambassador to France, the existence of a “spy case” between the two countries, a few days after information published by a Turkish pro-government newspaper, in the midst of a bilateral diplomatic crisis . A history of […]

Afghanistan: Donald Trump, not read not taken

The statement speaks volumes about the nature of the Trump administration, faced with new criticism of the President’s supposed wait-and-see attitude, and his benevolence toward the Kremlin: “The President reads”, Kayleigh McEnany, the White House spokeswoman, said Tuesday. Trump is accused of not reading the notes sent to him by the intelligence services. “The President […]

The rehabilitation of the “destroyer of the worlds” Robert Oppenheimer

“What is wrong with trying to judge Oppenheimer for his betrayals?” Nicknamed “The father of the atomic bomb”, the American physicist Robert Oppenheimer (1904-1967) was the scientific director of the Manhattan project from which the first atomic bombs produced in the laboratory of Los Alamos, in New Mexico, were produced. On August 6 and 9, […]

CIA documents undermine “Swiss neutrality”

Since February 11, the case has been in the headlines in Switzerland. On that day, the Washington Post published an investigation carried out with the German television channel ZDF and the German Swiss radio-TV SRF. After consulting 280 pages of documents declassified in 2019 by the CIA, the famous American intelligence agency, this consortium of […]

Programs spying on “Android” users .. Learn about them – Toss News

Source: Ahmed Mohamed – Iram News Cyber ​​security experts have warned Android users not to install some applications on their smartphones, which could pose a threat to their personal data. These applications, which were developed by a Chinese company called (Shenzhen Hawk), get dangerous permissions that can collect personal data and send it to the […]

Tidjane Thiam swept away by a spy case

The managing director of the second Swiss bank was forced to resign. Tidjane Thiam, Managing Director of Credit Suisse (here in Davos in 2018) will step down on February 14. GIAN EHRENZELLER / EPA / MAXPPP The support of several Credit Suisse shareholders did nothing. The pressure was too strong. The Swiss bank, shaken for […]

Ronen Bergman, epiphany of spies – Culture / Next

Ronen Bergman is not one to fall into false modesty. In his little villa on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, while his assistant is preparing a cappuccino, the journalist asks if we have read the reviews – all rave – of his book. “We sold it in 25 languages [depuis sa sortie en anglais en 2018, […]