A young Cuban commits suicide by jumping from an eighth floor in Havana

A 32-year-old Cuban man threw himself on Thursday from the eighth floor of a building in Marianao, in Havanaa fact that has been made known on social networks. The suicide occurred in the building known as “eight floors” near 114th Street, in the Marianao municipalitywhen the young man climbed to the roof and jumped from […]

Egypt.. New developments in the “Basant” suicide case because of the fabricated pictures.. and the issuance of a court ruling against one of the accused

Al-Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: An Egyptian court sentenced a minor to 5 years in prison after convicting him of violating a show and blackmailing a girl, which led to her suicide, in an incident that a few months ago sparked widespread anger in the country, according to a judicial official. Basant Khaled, a seventeen-year-old schoolgirl […]

Pál Szécsi would be 78 years old

He would have celebrated his 78th birthday on March 19th Pál Szécsi, who was only 30 years old when he ended his life with his own hands. He had several suicide attempts, but help always came in time. You could expect this on your last attempt, writes Glance. Pál Szécsi, the star of the Dance […]

13-year-old boy takes his own life at home

A 13-year-old boy was found lifeless in the room he shared with his younger siblings. The tragedy took place on Thursday evening in Gussago. The mother would have made the dramatic discovery – and raised the alarm – when the 118 health workers arrived on the scene there was almost nothing left for the teenager […]

a policeman commits suicide by setting herself on fire

Severely burned, she was transported to the emergency room on Wednesday, where she died of her injuries. On Wednesday March 16, motorists witnessed an unusual scene: a body on fire coming out of a parked vehicle, reports Free lunch . Information confirmed at Figaro by a source familiar with the matter. Read alsoCher: a mayor […]

Homicide-suicide in via Ceppi di Bairolo al Lagaccio

Tragedy of desperation in the Lagaccio district where this morning, Sunday 13 March, an elderly man killed his wife by suffocating her with a plastic bag and then took his own life clutching a bag around his neck. He 95, she 94. On the spot, in via Ceppi di Bairolo, the carabinieri, the Croce Misericordia […]

Surprising developments in the case of “Basant”, the victim of blackmail.. Her sister tried to commit suicide in the same way for this reason! • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The incident of the girl “Basant”, a victim of electronic blackmail in Egypt, witnessed new, surprising developments. The victim’s sister, Naira Shalaby, also tried to commit suicide in the same way as her sister, by eating a poisonous grain, due to ridicule, bullying and skirmishes with the accused’s families. Yesterday, Thursday, the security […]