North Sea: These five beaches are just fantastic

Es not there, the North Sea. There are ebb and flow, sand and mudflats, wind and waves in very different forms in this sea. And coastal residents with many of their own customs. Every island, every shore here is different – and always something special. We present five of the most attractive places on the […]

Holidays in Germany: Tips for city trips in the north

Husum: anything but a gray city “You gray city by the sea” Theodor Storm called his home Husum in 1851 in his poem “The City”. “Dumm Tüüch” – “stupid stuff”, find today’s Husum, and on the tourism website Husum quasi shows his famous son a bird by presenting himself as a “colorful city with short […]

Cruise with sailing ship: adventurous odyssey in the Aegean

SEven before leaving, it becomes clear that this is a cruise in the literal sense. The wind doesn’t determine the route, but it does determine the basic conditions. “He comes from the northwest, we have to go northwest,” says Niko Göttert, the captain of the “Chronos”. Not exactly easy. “I don’t think I can make […]

In times of Corona: Five declarations of love for Italy

Wonderfully unspectacular: Salento NUsually it is unwise to sound out an insider tip at this point, because if everyone knows about the charms of Salento, the secret will be revealed. But times are not normal, and the southern tip of the Italian hoe – that is exactly the Salento – is large enough that a […]

In times of Corona: an onion salute from Lake Constance

Germany In times of Corona An onion salute from Lake Constance A visit to friends and family this year will not turn into anything during the Easter holidays. Instead, many regional specialties are currently on the way in the mail and are being shipped all over the country. At least a little consolation. Status: 06:35 […]