In Caen, the counterfeiters of a priceless ancient currency unmasked

At the origin of the illicit reproduction of a very rare aureus dated mid Iis century BC. BC, two men were tried before the criminal court. Justice gave them back their coins. Two men aged 66 and 48 were tried on Thursday January 6 for counterfeiting and complicity in counterfeiting at the Caen Criminal Court. […]

Statue of Theodore Roosevelt in New York dismantled and shipped to North Dakota

The decision had been voted on by a committee of the town hall of the city in June because of the colonialist and racist symbolism of the monument. Workers dismantled an imposing statue of President Theodore Roosevelt outside the American Museum of Natural History in New York on Wednesday (January 19). The Equestrian statue of […]

Martial Alvarez: “Port St Louis du Rhône will continue its renovation”

New guest on the set of Maritima. Martial Alvarez mayor of Port St Louis du Rhône. The opportunity to discover with him the major projects of his city for 2022. Like most of his counterparts in the region, Martial Alvarez will have to make wishes without a ceremony at the start of the year. The […]

Show: the immersive revolution

SURVEY – After a chaotic start, this movement which combines cinema, the arts, performing arts and technology is now establishing itself everywhere. The public plebiscite these proposals close to entertainment and resolutely inventive. Paris, National Museum of Natural History (MNHN). In the dark, a roar sounds followed by the cry of a distraught bird. Feet […]

Astronomical event dates North American Viking colony 1,000 years ago

ARCHEOLOGY – Using a new dating method, a team of researchers was able to locate at 1021 the cutting of several wood fragments dating from the Scandinavian occupation of L’Anse aux Meadows, in Newfoundland. The Scandinavian grape variety from Vinland finally has its vintage. If nothing indicates that there ever existed a hypothetical Viking drink […]

Bournazel, the time of rebirth

REPORTAGE – It was a monument in peril, asleep in the Aveyron countryside … At the end of a restoration carried out with beating pace, Gérald and Martine Harlin gave it back the magnificence that was its own in the 16th century.e century. Sleeping in oblivion, the castle of Bournazel, an unknown jewel of the […]

In Chartres, the miraculous discovery of a Gallo-Roman ceiling in carved wood

ARCHEOLOGY – The excavation campaign has led archaeologists to an inestimable booty: more than 1,500 pieces of ornate woodwork dating from Antiquity. Their perfect state of preservation is due to the water present in the Apollo basin, discovered under the charred beams. This sunny October afternoon will long be remembered by archaeologists. And their unusual […]