Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez will be parents of twins

Hobby Mexico City / 28.10.2021 10:08:50 Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed that will become a father for the sixth time, because her partner, the model and businesswoman Georgina rodriguez, is pregnant and will give birth to about Twins. Through his Instagram account, the Portuguese star who joined the ranks of Manchester United last summer, shared […]

How to have twins? 5 ways to increase the probability

AnikaNes / Shutterstock There are women who want to have twins more than anything else and although the factors to increase the chances of having them are diverse, here we tell you which ones you should take into consideration. Remember that luck also plays an important role! By Zoia Kostina How can I increase my […]

Incredible resemblance between these celebrities.

Photos | Incredible resemblance between these celebrities. There are several celebrities who have an uncanny resemblance to each other, so much so that you could swear they are twins. Do you want to know who they are? There is a theory that we all have a doppelganger somewhere in the world and these celebrities seem […]

Claudia Álvarez became pregnant with twins by in vitro fertilization

The actress Claudia Alvarez, answered some questions through Instagram stories, where he revealed that the pregnancy his Twins he did it for in vitro fertilization. It was on September 5 that Claudia Álvarez with Billy Rovzar announced their second pregnancy, which will have as result to twins, boy and girl. Claudia Álvarez had in vitro […]

Her twin sister saves her life and makes her dream of being a mom come true

They always say that twins have a special connection, but that of Billie Jo Rose and Bobbie Jo Sullivan reaches a new level. At age 7 Billie was diagnosed with leukemia. Being a match, Bobbie was unfazed when asked if she would be a marrow donor. The procedure went perfectly and Billie was able to […]

These triplets are pregnant at the same time, their unique story goes viral

California – Gina, Nina and Victoria 35 years ago were born as triplets who were only minutes apart when they were born. Now the three share a unique story, pregnant together. The story of them being pregnant at the same time is also viral. CBS Los Angeles then interviewed the three to reveal the unique […]

Princess Charlène shares a new photo with her family – and a bombastic cake

It was Princess Charlene’s niece’s birthday. On this occasion, the Monegasque royal insisted on sharing a new photo. In addition to a bombastic cake, there are also large and small family members on it. Little Aiva-Grace turned five on May 31st. The girl is the daughter of Princess Charlène’s younger brother Sean Wittstock and his […]