Again more fraudsters via WhatsApp on the go

In the past few days, the police have received more criminal complaints from Lippers, who have been contacted by fraudsters via messenger services such as WhatsApp. The victims are contacted by supposed relatives or acquaintances via WhatsApp with an unknown number. One possible wording: “Hello Mom, I have a new phone number.” In the next […]

Grandchild trick 2.0 – how criminals get money from bank customers

Banks and savings banks are on the alert, police stations are informed – fraudsters are always coming up with new tricks to get the money, mostly from older people. Pity is alien to them. The Volksbank Hameln-Stadthagen is now even talking about a grandchild trick 2.0 – it warns of the still quite new … […]

These tips will save you money on contracts

Anyone who regularly checks current contracts can save money in the long term, advises Brigitte Dörhöfer from the consumer advice center in Detmold. These tips can effectively reduce costs in times of inflation: Rising energy and food prices are presenting more and more people with financial challenges. The number of households that can barely cope […]