Taliban open fire at wedding because music is playing

Taliban fighters shot dead two wedding guests for playing music, local officials and witnesses said on Saturday. An act condemned by the government of the Taliban, who have regained power since mid-August last.

One of the victims’ relatives said Taliban militiamen opened fire at a wedding in the eastern town of Surkh-Rod because guests were caught listening to Afghan music, killing two people and injuring two others.

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Secular music banned between 1996 and 2001

All secular music had been banned by the Taliban during their previous regime (1996-2001).

While the new Islamist government has not yet legislated on this subject, it still considers listening to non-religious music to be contrary to its view of Islamic law.

Two serious injuries

“The young men put music in a separate room, three Taliban arrived and opened fire on them. The two wounded are in serious condition, ”said this witness.
Qazi Mullah Adel, spokesperson for the governorate of Nangarhar province, confirmed the incident, without giving further details.

In Kabul, government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid did not confirm the authenticity of the incident, but added that the Taliban opposed such abuses.