TBBT-Sheldon Cooper: He should have been dead since Season 3!

TBBT-Sheldon Cooper: He should have been dead since Season 3!

Poor Sheldon Cooper! The role of the physicist who in the hit series The Big Bang Theory from Jim Parsons (45) is embodied, should not be among the living for a long time. In season three he’s being targeted by a colleague – he plays him a funny joke, but this only works in a fictive TV world. In reality, Sheldon would have been murdered at that moment! In the episode “The Vengeance Formula”, Barry Kripke (played by John Ross Bowie) directs helium into the office of the weird, but kind physicist. An act of revenge, because Barry wants to wipe his archenemy one. This plan works: Sheldon’s voice gets higher and higher in an important telephone interview, so it has to be canceled. An extremely funny scene that would have led to the death of the actor in real life. Inhaling helium is life threatening! If inhaled for too long, as demonstrated in the show, the victim may become unconscious, as the gas secretly displaces oxygen from the lungs. The Berufsverband der Kinder- und Jugend√§rzte (BVKJ) in Cologne warned against this in 2010 world , “In particular, if helium is inhaled from gas bottles, it can quickly lead to a life-threatening situation, since the gas escapes there at high pressure.” said BVKJ spokesman Ulrich Fegeler. Definitely a shock to all the fans of the show, it is for her accurate research known. But mistakes occur naturally in the best families. Or? Digital Focus / Splash News The Big Bang Theory at People’s Choice Awwards 2016 in L.A. display Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images Mayim Bialik, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, and Johnny Galecki at Paleyfest display Rich Polk / Getty Images Jim Parsons at the Sundance Film Festival display Vote show result Tips for Promiflash? Just e-mail to: tipps@promiflash.de

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