Teachers, the contract renewal game is open: it starts from 90 euros more

Race against time to ensure 850 thousand Italian teachers the famous “three-figure” increase they have been waiting for for four years and three governments. Including the executive led by Mario Draghi, who – one year after the signing of the “Pact for school” at Palazzo Chigi – is ready to sign the long-awaited renewal of the contract for the maxi-sector Education and Research.

The aim is to exceed 100 euros

For now, the bar of the increases should stop at 90 euros, but among funds already foreseen in the maneuver and other resources in the crosshairs, including those of incentivized training, the minister Patrizio Bianchi aims to cross the quota 100 for many profs. With a well-defined short-term political objective: to avoid the general category strike scheduled for Monday 30, or at least to minimize its impact.

A first meeting on the renewal took place at Aran, led by Antonio Naddeo, on Tuesday 17 May. On the table the new CCNL 2019-2021 which concerns a large pool with 1.2 million employees, including, as mentioned, the 850 thousand teachers (including temporary workers). The most delicate issue concerns the economic increases: with the resources available allocated “in progress” by the three latest budget laws, that is to say just over 2.1 billion for the sector, we would arrive, according to the first calculations of the government and trade unions, to recognize a 3.87% increase in the 2018 salary to the teaching staff. In other words, we are talking about about 90 euros of average gross monthly increase, in practice 50-55 euros more net per month in paychecks, for a sector that, with just over 30 thousand euros gross annual average salary according to the latest Aran account, occupies the wage slums of the public service.

The knot of arrears

Net of the resources for arrears (yet to be quantified), the so-called equalization element of 11.50 euros on average envisaged by the previous Ccnl 2016-2018 signed by Valeria Fedeli would be included in the increase. In that case, the professors were guaranteed average salary increases of € 96 gross per month (from € 80.40 minimum to € 110 maximum, based on seniority and school level).

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To these 90 euros gross average, however, must be added the “wedge-cut” operation, confirmed in 2022 (the 0.8 point cut in contributions up to 35 thousand euros, but which brought rather low figures into the pockets of those directly involved ). Not to mention that in July there is the “one-off” measure decided by the government of 200 euro anti-crisis.