Technology news | The richest man on earth..Elon Musk regains his title again..a false news machine..OpenAI is trying to cure “hallucinations” of artificial intelligence tools

“Sada El Balad” website has published a set of topics related to technology during the past hours, including news and reports on the latest technologies, we review the most prominent of them as follows:

Rumors are starting to circulate about the specifications of the upcoming flagship S-series samsungAnd news reports say that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will get a major camera upgrade by offering 5x optical zoom.

Billionaire recoveredElon MuskTwitter Owner and CEOTeslahis title as the world’s richest man again, according to updated figures for the Bloomberg Billionaires Index on Thursday.

company declaredOpen AIIt attaches great importance to the treatment of hallucinations that afflict artificial intelligence models, with a modern method of retraining tools Generative artificial intelligence.

revealed “Motorolathe brand owned byLenovoLenovo announced a clamshell foldable phone, that is, a flip phone at an affordable price, and it bears the brand name Motorola Razr 40. This device has mid-range specifications that are suitable for the middle class

Introduced by Telecast Teclast Last February, the Chinese launched its small tablet, the P25T, with a 10-inch screen, at a price of less than $ 100, and it is now expanding its lineup by unveiling a new Teclast T40S tablet, which comes with a 2K IPS screen and is priced under $ 200.

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