There is one more Teenage mother The baby is on the way!

Teen Mom OG Star Catelynn Lowell awaits her third child with husband Tyler Baltierra, whom they unveiled US weekly,

When they learned about the pregnancy, Lowell admitted that the baby message was a surprise to the couple.

"The big news is that we're expecting our rainbow baby, this baby is our rainbow after the storm, I'm super excited," Lowell said US, "It was a big shock at first, we did not plan it, especially after the miscarriage and how I went down with my mental illness."

She added, "We would wait a very long time, we used protection and everything and we got pregnant anyway, this baby just wanted to be here, it was very unexpected."

Lowell already announced that she appeared in a January episode of Teen Mom OG. But only a few months later, the couple revealed that she had a miscarriage.

Lowell, who was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, went to the pulmonary department last November to seek treatment for suicidal thoughts, and then back in early January to overcome childhood trauma.

Lowell and Balteirra have been together for 13 years celebrating their jubilee in July. The two 25-year-olds have welcomed their first child, Carly, since middle school in the first season of MTV 16 and pregnant,

They put Carly up for adoption and continued to document her life for MTV's Teenage mother OG, welcomed Nova in 2015.

The Baltierras got married eight months after the birth of their second daughter at Castle Farms in Charlevoix, Michigan.

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Catelynn was open about her fears of a second pregnancy because she had postpartum depression after the birth of Nova.

"I definitely thought about it and that's the only thing that holds me back, frankly," she told people about her fight with PPD. "First of all, because they say that once you have suffered after birth, you have a better chance of getting it on your next one."

"With Nova, I thought it was serious because I was already struggling with anxiety and panic attacks and depression," she said. "So this is definitely what scares me the most, I want to have a big family and have lots of kids, but it's scary, it's definitely scary."



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