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Home News "Télérama" targets the three "T" in the digital

"Télérama" targets the three "T" in the digital

In a world of the press still in crisis, the profitability of the magazine Télérama is indecent: more than 10 million euros of profit in 2018, for 68 million euros of income. These results come almost entirely from the weekly paper, still very powerful with its 497,000 copies sold on average last year (88% subscribers, a solid and reassuring basis for the future of the title). But the world of print is turning to digital, you have to get started and Télérama as well. How? Rather than simply offering, like everyone else, access to all content via a digital subscription, the media has chosen to overhaul its mobile application (Télérama TV) to focus on the recommendation of audiovisual programs.

"Criticism has value"

The function is "Servicial"says Catherine Sueur, the patroness: "What am I looking at tonight?" And the target audience (30-45 years) is younger than the readership of the mag (over 50 years). The renovated app opens with a selection of ten works to watch on free TV channels (live or replay), pay bouquets (Canal +, OCS …) or on-demand platforms (Netflix, YouTube …) . No algorithm at work. It's the editorial department that makes its market every day. On the left, a tab gives access to a customizable TV program. On the right, another groups contents available by lists and themes. "On the digital, we decided to go back to the origins: the cultural guide", says the editor, Fabienne Pascaud.

The object, rather well realized, seems useful at a time when one is quickly drowned in the superabundance of the televisual offer. Especially since it is largely free. What Télérama charged (from 6.90 euros per month) is access to criticism attached to the works put forward. Big change in the home: the reviews noted according to the number of "T" were previously in free access online. "It's an important choice. Criticism is our job. Criticism has value », justifies Catherine Sueur. Subscribers will be able to find all the contents published by Téléramaincluding articles, surveys, magazine portraits, which are oddly hidden on the mobile app. Without doubt the management wants to push readers to opt for the digital and paper formula at 8.25 euros per month. We will not blame them.


As a bonus – and it's clever – subscribers will be offered access to a few movies each day (about 300 per year). Télérama has signed agreements with several paid video-on-demand services, including Canal VOD (recent films), Mubi (big films), Tenk (documentaries), Short (short films). This Friday, we can look at First year, the feature film by Thomas Lilti, thanks to his subscription. The constitution of this new offer requested 2 million euros of investment under the Group Le Monde, owned by Matthieu Pigasse and Xavier Niel. Catherine Sueur targets 100,000 digital subscribers within five years. A good half of them should come from the subscribers to the Canal + "cinema pack", with whom the mag has agreed to provide them access to its contents. The goal remains ambitious.

Jérôme Lefilliâtre



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